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420 Class British Championships - Final Results

Niamh Harper and Ross Thompson are the new 420 Class British Champions, winning six of the ten races at Helensburgh SC.

In second overall were Neil Marsden and Alex Hughes and third Alex Colquitt and Robert Giardelli.

First juniors were Bertie Fisher and Ollie Hawkins in fifth place overall.

First femal crew were the junior pair Ellie Clark and Lizzie Cattermole.

British Intn. 420 Class Sailingfast National Championships

1st GBR 56106 Mixed Youth Niamh Harper and Ross Thompson 14 pts
2nd GBR 55190 M Adult Neil Marsden and Alex Hughes 19 pts
3rd GBR 55871 M Youth Alex Colquitt and Robert Giardelli 23 pts
4th GBR 54481 M Youth Calum Bell and Josh Hale 42 pts
5th GBR 54852 M Junior Bertie Fisher and Ollie Hawkins 49 pts
6th GBR 54536 M Youth Tom Collyer and Arron Chadwick 66 pts
7th GBR 53966 Mixed Youth Adele Young and Daniel Burns 81 pts
8th GBR 54163 Mixed Adult Jennifer Abraham and Drew Airlie 86 pts
9th GBR 55402 M Youth Josh Waha and Andrew Sturt 91 pts
10th GBR 54979 M Junior Daniel Thompson and Dan Quaid 92 pts
11th GBR 55472 F Junior Ellie Clark and Lizzie Cattermole 112 pts
12th GBR 54682 M Youth Calum Cook and Johnny Thompson 114 pts
13th GBR 53703 F Youth Maisie Harkess and Annabel Hitchmough 114 pts
14th GBR 4483 M Junior Haydn Sewell and William Heathcote 119 pts
15th GBR 54057 F Youth Sally Lorimer and Pippa Jones 131 pts
16th GBR 55943 F Junior Emily Biggar and Jennifer Wesley 133 pts
17th GBR 55189 M Youth Archie Penn and Ben Warrington 137 pts
18th GBR 54048 F Junior Rachael McCluskey and Isabel Wallwork 157 pts
19th GBR 51989 M Junior Matthew McLullich and Ruben Stokroos 167 pts
20th GBR 56114 F Youth Ellie Wootton and Amy Jewell 168 pts
21st GBR 56118 F Youth Imogen Bellfield and Rebecca Coles 169 pts

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