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8mR World Championship - Modern v Sira Class

Two races were held Friday at the 8mR World Championship at Hanko YC, after the lay day and both were won by Avia Willment GBR sailing Miss U.

It is evident that the 2014 built Faroux designed 'Miss U' is on a steady course towards the 2017 World Cup, although she has been beaten twice so far in the series by aging beauties from the Sira Class (boats built prior to 1960).

Therefore their real competition is in the Sira class which provides exceptionally close racing between the top boats.

The fight for glory in this class is between Pandora of Wernes Deuring AUT, Lars Ingeberg's Wanda NOR, King Harald of Norway's Sira and Bangalore steered by olympic medalist Terry McLaughlin of Canada.

Whereas Bangalore seems to thrive in light airs and being less comfortable in the stronger breeze, the others seem to go well in all conditions.

In the Neptune Class for boats qualifying in the Sira Class but they are restricted to use dacron sails and non self tailing winches.

The fight is between, Carron II of Angelo Mazzarello SUI, Saskia of Allan Manuel GBR and Falcon of Jan Willem NED.

Elfe II of Andi Lochbrunner GER is leading the gaff rigged First Rule boats.

8mR World Championship after 9 races, 1 discard

1st GBR 007 Avia WILLMENT GBR Modern 9 pts
2nd AUT K35 Werner DEURING AUT Sira 24 pts
3rd NOR 38 Lars INGEBERG NOR Sira 34 pts
4th CAN 6 Terry McLAUGHLIN CAN Sira 41 pts
6th NOR 27 Tom KNUTSEN NOR Sira 51 pts
7th FIN 17 Luna Sira Harri ROSCHIER FIN Sira 52 pts
8th NOR K2 Morten TENVIG NOR Sira 62 pts
9th FIN 9 Thomas HALLBERG FIN Sira 62 pts
10th SUI 3 Angelo MAZZARELLA SUI Neptune 74 pts
11th GER 8 Eckhard KALLER GER Sira 81 pts
12th GBR K26 Allan MANUEL GBR Neptune 83 pts
13th NED K20 Jan Willem YPMA NED Neptune 93 pts
14th SUI 1 Fred MEYER SUI Neptune 99 pts
15th GER 15 Hanns-Georg KLEIN GER Neptune 100 pts
16th NOR 29 Mona STENSHOLDT NOR Sira 101 pts
17th SWE 44 Terje WANG NOR Sira 111 pts
18th FIN 12 Hasse KARLSSON FIN Modern 128 pts
19th SUI Z9 Roel van MERKESTEYN SUI Sira 159 pts
20th GBR K36 Jonathan CORK GBR Neptune 164 pts
21st FIN 10 Julia ORMIO FIN Sira 165 pts
22nd FIN 4 Antti TOUKOLEHTO FIN Sira 167 pts
23rd GBR K33 Christopher COURAGE GBR Neptune 168 pts
24th AUS N7 Kraig CARLSTROM AUS Sira 187 pts
25th GER H9 Andi LOCHBRUNNER GER First Rule 192 pts
26th GER H4 Richard GERVÉ GER First Rule 206 pts
27th GER H3 Wilhelm WAGNER GER First Rule 208 pts
28th GER H1 Siegfried BUSS GER First Rule 213 pts

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