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GP14 Nationals - Dobson and Tunnicliffe snatch title

Two final races and that was what it took for Ian Dobson and Andy Tunnicliffe of the Burwain SC to take the GP14 National Championship title.Ian Dobson and Andy Tunnicliffe -

Starting the final day five points off the leaders Mike Senior and Chris White, an upset looked possible but not probable - how different it turned out.

A second in the penultimate race behind Peter Gray and Richard Pepperdine, with leaders Senior and White back in fourth, closed the gap to a managable three points.

In the final race a win for Dobson and Tunnicliffe with Senior and White in third behind Gray and Pepperdine was just enough when the second discard kicked in.

That allowed Dobson and Tunnicliffe to drop a sixth, while Senior and White discrded a fourth.

The results was overall victory for Dobson and Tunnicliffe by one point from Senior and White, with Fergus Barnham and Andy Hunter in third.

GP14 National Championship - After races (64 entries)
1st 14186 Ian Dobson and Andy Tunnicliffe Burwain SC 11 pts
2nd 13417 Mike Senior and Chris White South Staffs SC 12 pts
3rd 14132 Fergus Barnham and Andy Hunter Snettisham Beach SC 25 pts
4th 14203 Shane McCarthy and Andy Thompson Greystones SC 36 pts
5th 14224 Peter Gray and Richard Pepperdine Staunton Harold SC 49 pts
6th 14 Sam Watson and Ben Swainson Nantwich and Border SC 64 pts
7th 14121 Andrew Clewer and Sarah Collingwood Poole YC 66 pts
8th 14217 Mark Platt and Sam Platt Bolton SC 68 pts
9th 14214 Keith Louden and Alan Thompson Lough Foyle YC 70 pts
10th 14110 Dave Young and Nic Booth South Staffs SC 72 pts
11th 14206 Andy Smith and Phil Hodgkins Bassenthwaite SC 73 pts
12th 14143 John McGuinness and Donal McGuinness Moville Boat Club 78 pts
13th 14188 John Hayes and Joel James Southport SC 80 pts
14th 14091 Gary Deighan and Dale Knowles Bolton SC 90 pts
15th 14145 Justin Smith and Adam McGovern Tyne mouthSC 95 pts
16th 13721 Nick Devereux and Geoff Edwards Budworth SC 105 pts
17th 14130 Hugh Gill and Conor Twohig Sutton DC 105 pts
18th 14219 Curly Morris and Laura McFarland East Antrim SC 107 pts
19th 13896 Rob Libby and Brian Bowdler Looe SC 126 pts
20th 14185 John Ball and Alex Scoles Brightingsea SC 131 pts
21st 14027 Richard Burton and Oliver Goodhead Stokes Bay SC 138 pts
22nd 14109 Greg Thomas and Poppy James Southport SC 144 pts
23rd 14040 Bill Johnson and James Johnson Lough Foyle YC 152 pts
24th 14116 Peter Boyle and Steven Boyle Sutton DC 154 pts
25th 14210 Richard Instone and Steve Parker Chase SC 158 pts
26th 14090 Neal Gibson and Geoff Philllips Redoubt SC 160 pts
27th 14157 Lawrence Creaser and Megan Hicklin Hayling Island SC 162 pts
28th 14209 Gareth Gallagher and Richard Gallagher Lough Foyle YC 173 pts
29th 14146 Sam Mettam and Darren Roach Papercourt SC 176 pts
30th 14089 Paul Simes and Tom Simes Cardiff Bay SC 179 pts
31st 14199 Frank Nickless and Michelle Evans Chase SC/ SSSC 181 pts
32nd 14201 Hugh Devereux and Malcolm Bird Budworth SC 184 pts
33rd 13705 Richard Bennett and Sarah Davies South Staffs Sailing Club 192 pts
34th 14212 Michael Cox and Rebecca Jeffrey Newtownards SC 202 pts
35th 120 Mike Calvert and Sam Clarke Winsford Flash SC 203 pts
36th 14166 Richard Ham and Szymon Matyjaszczu Tollesbury SC 204 pts
37th 14174 John Toone and Catherine Toone Chelmarsh SC 218 pts
38th 14102 Simon Redhead and James Walker Poole YC 218 pts
39th 1405 Colin Midgley and Eleanor Davies South Staffs SC / 219 pts
40th 14202 Ciaron Jones and William Hall Holyhead DC 237 pts
41st 14014 Andy Wadsworth and Andy Shrimpton Welsh Harp SC 239 pts
42nd 14097 Terry Edwards and Darren Heath South Staffs SC 239 pts
43rd 13917 Joshua Porter and Sarah Coleman Newtownards SC 240 pts
44th 13594 Ruslen Scutelnic and Ilias Michopoulos Welsh Harp SC 247 pts
45th 13316 James Ward and Richard Whitehill Papercourt SC 256 pts
46th 13925 Gareth Morris and Ed Washington Gresford SC 265 pts
47th 14151 Stephen Cooper and Yossi Shahar Welsh Harp SC 277 pts
48th 14120 Melanie Brown and Nicola Brown Poole YC 280 pts
49th 13389 Richard Abernstern and Isabel Waterfall Todbrook SC 294 pts
50th 14088 Duncan Fraser and Graham Fraser Ceylon Motors YC 295 pts
51st 13870 Maciej Matyjaszczuk and Joanne Matyjaszczuk Welsh Harp SC 300 pts
52nd 14018 David Morgan and Richard Hodgkins South Staffs SC 311 pts
53rd 13794 Nick Brandon and Lisa Carpenter South Staffs SC 313 pts
54th 4615 Steve Parry and Phil Green York Railway Institute SC 327 pts
55th 13980 Roger Walton and Helen Allen Welsh Harp SC 328 pts
56th 13727 Tim Davies and Mark Collingwood Chelmarsh SC 339 pts
57th 13603 Alistair Lambert and Karen Wilson Welsh Harp SC 349 pts
58th 14059 Michael Davies and Simon Scott Brown South Staffs SC 363 pts
59th 14044 Richard Connett and Serena Connett Welsh Harp SC 365 pts
60th 13237 Tomasz Szakola and Lydia Evans Welsh Harp SC 367 pts
61st 13941 Dennis Adams and Simon Carman Wesh Harp SC 370 pts
62nd 13853 Lesley Kaye and Nick Masters Welsh Harp SC 381 pts
63rd 14230 Ralph Haliburton Chaplin and Adam Haliburton Chaplin Blackpool & Fleetwood YC 396 pts
64th 14082 Steve Bennett and Jack Bennett Shustoke SC 455 pts

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