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Fastnet Race - Team AkzoNobel lead VOR fleet

Team AkzoNobel, whose decision to take an inside line on the approach to the Lizard paid dividends – they are now leading the Volvo Race fleet.TTTOP -

Quick update (Mon 09:00 GMT) from Team AkzoNobel navigator Jules Salter from Falmouth Bay, just off the Lizard:

“There’s a big cloud line, lots of shifting winds, but we’ve managed by chance to pop out in front of everyone just trying to plug a bit of tide as we go around the Lizard. We are in good shape at the moment, but a long way to go.”

The fleet is still grouped close together, and are currently passing Lizard Point – famous in sailing as the end point for all transatlantic records – but for this lot, it's just the start.

So, what next? Well, Land's End is in the distance, and once chalked off, the teams will make their approach to the Scilly Isles.

The only issue?

A huge TSS (Traffic Separation Scheme) that the boats must stay out of, is smack bang in the middle of exactly where they'd like to race. Typical! Also, the wind will shut off in the coming hours around the Scilly Isles

The fleet will now fight their way through the calms and upwind into the Celtic Sea, with an ETA of Fastnet Rock still looking likely for Tuesday morning.

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