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Melges 24 Worlds - Maidollis is Champion

The Italian boat Maidollis helmed by Carlo Fracassoli with Enrico Fonda, Giovanni Ferrari, Luca Perego and Stefano Lagi, won the Melges 24 Worlds in Helsinki.

The Italian team finished the series with a total of 35 points and a margin of 23 points over second placed Bruce Ayres' Monsoon, with Mike Buckley, George Peet, Jeff Reynolds and Jessica Koenig.

In third, just three points back, was another American boat, Mikey with Kevin Welch, MacDonald Ross, Jason Rhodes, Ian Sloan and Serena Vilage.

Another Italian entry, Taki 4 with Niccolò Bertola helming, won the Melges 24 Corinthian World Championship

Silver medal in the Corinthian division went to Gill Race Team of Miles Quinton with Geoff Carveth helming. The Estonian entry Lenny was third.

Melges 24 World Championship 2017, Final leaders (59 entries)

1 ITA 854 MAIDOLLIS Carlo Fracassoli -Enrico Fonda, Giovanni Ferrari, Luca Perego, Stefano Lagi 35 pts
2 USA 851 Monsoon Bruce Ayres - Mike Buckley, George Peet, Jeff Reynolds, Jessica Koenig 59 pts
3 USA 838 MiKEY Kevin Welch - MacDonald Ross, Jason Rhodes, Ian Sloan, Serena Vilage 62 pts
4 ITA 722 Altea Andrea Racchelli - Gaudenzio Bonini, Pietro Canepa, Alberto Verna, Matteo Ramian 64 pts
5 ITA 778 Taki 4 C Niccolò Bertola - Giacomo Fossati, Giovanni Bannetta, Matteo de Chiara, Marco Zammarchi 91 pts
6 HUN 728 FGF Sailing Team Bakóczy Róbert - Rozsnyay Domonkos, Takàcsy Kristóf, Takàcsy Levente, Buza Bence 95 pts
7 NOR 751 Storm Capital Sail Racing Øyvind Jahre - Giulio Desiderato, Marius Orvin, Sivert Denneche, Ane Gundersen 112 pts
8 GBR 694 Gill Race Team C Geoff Carveth - Christian Birrell, Miles Quinton, Daniel Schieber, Liam Gardner 140 pts
9 USA 547 Blind Squirrel John Brown - Kevin Jewett, Matt Pistay, Jack Brown, Carl Horrocks 144 pts
10 GBR 557 Imagine David Rowen - Jamie Lea , Jim Schwerdt, Fred Kemp 144 pts

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