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Topper World Championships battle the breeze

Monday saw the start of the Rooster Topper World Championships in Loctudy, France, with sunshine and a fairly stiff breeze with gusts reaching 20 kts.

The standard rig Topper (5.3) has 158 entriies and is racing in three flights for the opening races.

After three flight races completed, Ireland's Dan McGaughey (2,1,3) took the overall lead, two points ahead of Lowri Boorman GBR (2,4,2) with third Samuel Copper GBR (7,1,1).

Scott Wilkinson GBR won two of his flight races but was BFD in the third, which means that he carries a 54 point penalty at present, but should be able to discard this later.

Other 5.3 flight winners were: Erin McLlwaine GBR, Oliver Fellows GBR, Ziteng Feng CHN and Ethan Kneale GBR.

In the 4.2 rig Topper with 55 entries, racing in two flights, Ben Purrier GBR ended top of the leaderboard with three wins.

Sean Woodward (2,2,1) GBR is in second two points back and in third is Xinran Chen CHN (1,4,2).

The other 4.2 fight race winner was Jennifer Zhang CHN (1,4,OCS) who has an OCS penalty of 29 points which puts her down in 19th at least until the discard kicks in.

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