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Dragon Edinburgh Cup - Day 2 - Martin Payne new leader

Day 2 of the Dragon Edinburgh Cup at Cowes, produced light airs, brightening skies and a complete reversal of fortune for a number of the competitors.Two race wins for Dmitry Bondarenko, GBR422 Hauschrecke -

New series leader is Martin Payne with Poul Richard Hoj-Jensen in second and in third Igor Goikhberg.

Oustanding performance of the day was from Dmitry Bondarenko sailing GBR422 Hauschrecke, they showed that you don't need local knowledge to sail well in the Solent by winning both races.

Sadly, their double DNS from day one means that they are only 20th in the overall standings. Bondarenko sustained a head injury on day 1 and withdraw from both of yesterday's races for hospital treatment.

The leading trio from day 1 is now widely spread, with Martin Payne topping the leaderboard with 16 points after a 6 and 4.

In second is Hoj-Jensen with a 13, 2, on 21 points and in to third is Igor Goikhberg with a 3, 6, moving him from eighth place.

Andy Beadsworth, who took fifth in the first race, suffered in the second start from a big right-hander, which meant that those who'd started at the pin made huge gains immediately and there was absolutely nothing those on the right could do about it. He finished 20th.

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A single discard will come into play after race 5 has been completed, which will help the fortunes of those who picked up double figure results Wednesday.

Thursday's forecast is for a west-nor-westerly breeze that will clock round to the north-west during the morning at 14 gusting 22 knots.

Dragon Edinburgh Cup - Day 2 leaders after 4 races (38 entries)

1st GBR585 Martin Payne, Gillian Hamilton, Chris Bittain 3 3 6 4 16 pts
2nd GBR813 Poul Richard Hoj-Jensen, Hamish McKay, Paul Blowers 4 2 13 2 21 pts
3rd RUS98 Igor Goikhberg, Dmitry Berezkin, Roman Sadchikov 8 9 3 6 26 pts
4th TUR1212 Andy Beadsworth, Simon Fry, Ali Tezdiker 5 1 5 20 31 pts
5th GBR810 Tom Vernon, Oliver Spensley-Corfield, Adam Bowers 12 5 7 8 32 pts
6th GBR682 James Eric Williams, Rory Paton, Katie Cole 11 12 4 7 34 pts
7th GBR782 Graham Bailey, Julia Bailey, Will Heritage, Will Bedford 1 7 2 25 35 pts
8th GBR793 Mike Budd, Mark Greaves, Mark Mansfield 6 8 8 13 35 pts
9th GBR761 Gavia Wilkinson-Cox, Mark Hart, Andrew Norden 15 6 12 3 36 pts
10th IRL216 Martin Byrne, Connor Byrne, Pedro Andrade 14 4 9 15 42 pts
11th GBR770 Jonathan Brown, David Brown, Lynette Brown, Frances Wood 17 10 10 5 42 pts
12th GBR763 Simon Barter, James Barter, Donald Wilks 7 14 14 9 44 pts
13th GBR777 Owen Pay, Jon Mortimer, Mark Daly 9 11 27 10 57 pts
14th SUI318 Wolf Waschkuhn, Matteo Auguadro, Philip Catmur 16 16 11 24 67 pts
15th GBR722 Mark Wade, Amanda Wade, Nigel Cole 20 15 15 17 67 pts

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