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Star World Championship - Discard comes to the rescue

The leading pair struggled for top ten results in race 5 of the Star World Championship, but were saved by the discard in Troense, Denmark on Thursday.

Diego Negri and Sergio Lambertenghi of Italy took their first win in race 5 and move to fifth overall.

Overnight leaders, Eivind Melleby and Joshua Revkin of Norway were able to diacard their tenth place and retain their lead.

Similarly for second placed Lars Grael and Samuel Goncalves of Brazil, who discard their 14th place from race 5.

George Szabo and Patrick Ducommen (11th overall) of the USA ventured into single figures with a second place in this race, with Germany's Heiko Winkler and Uwe Thielemann in third (20th overall).

Another team enjoying some time at the front were Vasyl Gureyev and Andriy Shafranyuk of the Ukraine finishing in fourth (26th overall).

Star Worlds 2017 - Leaders after Race 5 (70 entries)

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