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Sharps Doom Bar Salcombe Merlin Week - Day 2

After day 2 of Sharps Doom Bar Salcombe Merlin Week, Andy Davis and Alex Warren have a narrow one point lead.

A light drizzle to dampen the spirits a tad for Monday, however there was already a Southwesterly blowing down the estuary and by start time the sun was starting to break through.

Red v Blue flights

It was Mike and Jane Calvert from the town side who narrowly crossed ahead of Tim Fells and Fran Gifford who were leading from the Portlemouth side to lead around Blackstone.

Will and Arthur Henderson were close behind and had taken a narrow lead by Gerston with Cristian Birrell and Sam Brearey right on their tails.

Despite a good effort to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by losing all their rig tension in a big gust on the last run, Fells and Gifford came home comfortably ahead to take their first cannon.

Birrell and Brearey got the better of their battle with the Hendersons with Simon and Ali Potts in fourth. The Calverts came home fifth ahead of Alex Jackson and Chris Downham.

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Green v Black flights

Another clean start under black flag had the fleet spread across the harbour. Chris Gould and Chris Kilby were first to hit new breeze off Mill Bay and came in leading from the left.

However, a final right hander allowed Will Warren and Mark Oakey to just get around first.

On the run back through the town the biggest movers were Taxi and Alex Warren who came across to the town side to climb from the teens through to third by Yalton.

With the Gould and Kilby now leading from Davis and Warren, third place Si Blake and Pippa Taylor played a blinder by taking pressure down the town side to move into second and put the heat on the leaders.

In a final tacking duel to the line the Gould and Kilby just prevailed by a couple of boat lengths. Davis and Warren came how third to take the overall lead.

Warren and Oakey recovered from their pit stop to pass Olly Turner who took fifth ahead of Chris Jennings and Pete Horn.

Another great day on the water ahead of what looks like a very light day on Tuesday.

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Sharps Doom Bar Salcombe Merlin Week – Leaders Day 2 (120 emtries)

1st 3684 Green Andy Davis and Alex Warren 1 (61.0 DNC) (61.0 DNC) 3 126 4 pts
2nd 3778 Green Chris Gould and Chris Kilsby 4 (61.0 DNC) (61.0 DNC) 1 127 5 pts
3rd 3735 Green Simon Blake and Pippa Taylor 3 (61.0 DNC) (61.0 DNC) 2 127 5 pts
4th 3777 Blue Simon Potts and Ally Potts (61.0 DNC) 2 4 (61.0 DNC) 128 6 pts
5th 3764 Red Tim Fells and Frances Gifford 6 (61.0 DNC) 1 (61.0 DNC) 129 7 pts
6th 3707 Red Alex Jackson and Chris Downham 2 (61.0 DNC) 5 (61.0 DNC) 129 7 pts
7th 3726 Red Will Henderson and Arthur Henderson 5 (61.0 DNC) 3 (61.0 DNC) 130 8 pts
8th 3743 Blue Matt Biggs and Ben Hollis (61.0 DNC) 1 8 (61.0 DNC) 131 9 pts
9th 3788 Red Christian Birrell and Sam Brearey 7 (61.0 DNC) 2 (61.0 DNC) 131 9 pts
10th 3691 Blue Mike Calvert and Jane Calvert (61.0 DNC) 3 7 (61.0 DNC) 132 10 pts
11th 3756 Black William Warren and Mark Oakey (61.0 DNC) 6 (61.0 DNC) 4 132 10 pts
12th 3658 Black Chris Jennings and Pete Horn (61.0 DNC) 4 (61.0 DNC) 6 132 10 pts
13th 3781 Black David Winder and Oliver Winder (61.0 DNC) 8 (61.0 DNC) 7 137 15 pts
14th 3776 Black Alan Roberts and Rob Henderson (61.0 DNC) 10 (61.0 DNC) 8 140 18 pts
15th 3742 Red Ian Dobson and Rob Allen 8 (61.0 DNC) 10 (61.0 DNC) 140 18 pts
16th 3678 Black Steve Crook and Sally Townend (61.0 DNC) 5 (61.0 DNC) 14 141 19 pts
17th 3722 Black Roger Gilbert and Jane Gilbert (61.0 DNC) 9 (61.0 DNC) 10 141 19 pts
18th 3703 Black Richard Whitworth and Sam Mottershead (61.0 DNC) 7 (61.0 DNC) 13 142 20 pts
19th 3758 Red Tim Saxton and Jodie Green 14 (61.0 DNC) 9 (61.0 DNC) 145 23 pts
20th 3715 Blue Paul Rayson and Christian Hill (61.0 DNC) 12 11 (61.0 DNC) 145 23 pts

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