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Thierry Briend injured on Sodebo Ultim

Thierry Briend, crewman on Sodebo Ultim, injured in violent fall while sailing in choppy seas in The Bridge Centennial Transat race.

Thomas Colville, skipper of the Ultimate-class trimaran, Sodebo Ultim, contacted the Maritime Medical Consultation Center in Toulouse at 21:30 hrs Sunday to inform them Thierry Briend, one of his teammates, was injured after a violent fall while sailing in choppy seas 180 miles south of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Briend was at the helm when he was knocked down by a huge wave. The force made him lose consciousness for a few seconds.

The race doctor, Jean-Yves Chauve, is in permanent contact with the boat.

“The fall resulted in a head trauma that requires medical supervision,” Chauve said.

No evacuation is envisaged at this time and Briend will remain on the boat.

Sodebo Ultim' is expected to arrive in New York on Tuesday, January 4 in the afternoon.

Earlier, Sodebo Ultim’, suffered an impact to their starboard rudder, losing a piece of it.

“Tacking last night, we realized that the bottom of the rudder was missing, about 20cm,” Jean-Luc Nélias said from Sodebo Ultim’. “It's not very serious, but we slowed down a lot clean it up.”

François Gabart, the skipper of Macif and his five crew, were 99 miles ahead of second-placed Idec Sport at the 19:00 hrs ranking Sunday, with only 328 miles to the finish.

Sodebo Ultim’ in third-place were 169 miles behind Macif.

Macif was first to cross a ridge of high pressure on Sunday night and thus was first into the large corridor of southwesterlies.

ETA arrival times in New York.

MACIF Monday 3rd July 17:00 UTC
IDEC Tuesday 4th July 01:00 UTC
SOBEDO Tuesday 4th July 09:00 UTC
ACTUAL Thursday 6th July 06:00 UTC

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