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GC32 Villasimius Cup - Jason Carroll and Argo unstoppable

Jason Carroll and Team Argo were unstoppable at the GC32 Villasimius Cup after the American crew foiled to victory on a beautiful final day in Sardinia.

Carroll didn’t win a race Saturday but throughout the 10 races he never finished outside the top three, demonstrating a level of consistency that no other crew could come close to matching.

For an Owner Driver competing against Olympic medal winning helmsmen such as Iker Martinez on Movistar-Ventana Group and Erik Heil on Armin Strom, Carroll’s feat is all the more remarkable.

The battle for second place was a three-way battle that all came down to the final race. Martinez seized victory in race 10 and almost made his way on to the podium.

Movistar-Ventana Group finished tied for third with Mamma Aiuto! but it was Naofumi Kamei who edged out Martinez in the tie-break and made it to the podium.

While the tie-break kept them out of the top three, Span did come out the right side of a tie-break in the other close-fought contest of the day, the Anonimo Speed Challenge.

After two speed runs each lasting around 90 seconds, the Spanish finished neck and neck with Argo on their best timed run. However the slower of their runs was faster for Martinez, earning him the Anonimo Nautilo watch.

GC32 Villasimius Cup - Overall Results
1. Team Argo (USA) - Jason Carroll 22 pts
2. Realteam (SUI) - Jérôme Clerc 36 pts
3. Mamma Aiuto! (JPN) - Naofumi Kamei 38 pts
4. Movistar - Ventana Group (ESP) - Iker Martinez 38 pts
5. Team ENGIE (FRA) - Sebastien Rogues 47 pts
6. Malizia - Yacht Club de Monaco (MON) - Pierre Casiraghi 51 pts
7. ARMIN STROM Sailing Team (SUI) - Flavio Marazzi 59 pts