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Queen Mary 2 arrives in New York

The Queen Mary 2 won the The Bridge – Centennial Transat in the small hours of Saturday morning.TimB-VertigoFilms -

Queen Mary 2 crossed the finish line under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge at 05:00 before bathing in a flawless dawn in New York Bay.

Meanwhile, back in the Atlantic, Macif (François Gabart) had stolen a march on his rivals among the four trimarans left behind by the QM2.

At the 19:00 ranking, Macif had more than doubled her lead and was 89 miles ahead of Idec Sport (Francis Joyon), 123 miles ahead of Sodebo Ultim’ (Thomas Colville) and 494 miles ahead Actual (Yves LeBlévec).

Macif was reaching in southwesterlies and making 23 knots, but has 774 miles to the finish with much uncertainty still in the forecast for the approach to New York.

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Five days after leaving St Nazaire, France on Sunday, June 25, the current routing shows Macif arriving 2 days 17 hours and 45 minutes behind the QM2, overnight and just into Tuesday (local time).

Idec Sport are 4 hours behind and Sodebo Ultim’ a further hour and a half back with Actual (Yves Le Blévec), in fourth, sailing in a different weather system, another day and a half behind (arriving late on Wednesday).

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