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Wednesday was biblical for K6 on Garda

Wednesday was biblical. A Ponale wind (straight down the mountain) came out of nowhere accompanied by forked lightening and hail stones the size of golf balls.Your order . . .

There are RIB drivers who have been working in Riva for 30+ years who say they have never seen anything like it.

Those who were nearest to the line of wind didn’t have time to drop sails, but those who have been to Garda before knew to get in the water, capsized or turtled if possible.

The Ponale wind doesn’t last long but behind it came the strong Northerly wind (Peler) making the slow sail back in extremely difficult.

It’s interesting how people cope with things like this. All respect to the Australina boats who sailed into the lee of the cliff right next to a café and, once assured that there would be no more racing (!), sent one of their team swimming to shore to get the dark & stormys.

Once we were all in and starting to tell our tales over a reviving beer, the 3rd storm (70+kts) came in. Southerly this time – the Ora . . . Epic.

Unbelievably, apart from some cuts and bruises and a few tattered sails, there were no injuries or damage. Respect to the seamanship and courage of the sailors, and respect for the boats. Those of us who were there will never forget this day.

And finally there was some racing on Day 4.

And the new K6 leaders are Dave Hall, Bryan Sargeny and Graham Hoy, with back to back wins and now one point ahead of Neil Fulcher, Oliver Boosey and Harry Clarke.

K6 - Eurocup 2017, Fraglia Riva Del Garda after Day 4
1st GBR 220 Dave Hall, Bryan Sargeny, Graham Hoy -2 1 2 1 1 5,0 pts
2nd GBR 222 Neil Fulcher, Oliver Boosey, Harry Clarke 1 2 1 2 (dns) 6,0 pts
3rd GBR 213 Nick Jones, Twinkie Jones, Steve Dewherry 3 3 3 3 -5 12,0 pts
4th GBR 208 Martin Wedge, Scott Allen -8 5 5 4 3 17,0 pts
5th GBR 172 Mike Truman, Martin Gibson, Tim Williams 5 -10 7 5 2 19,0 pts
6th GBR 216 Peter Kirkby, Richard Barker, Heather Chipperfield 6 4 4 (dns) dns 26,0 pts
7th GBR 22 Jeff Vander Borght, Dave Guthrie, Hugh Duncan 10 7 (dns) 6 4 27,0 pts
8th AUT 146 George Blating, Guenter Blating, Valentina Blating 4 6 8 (dns) dns 30,0 pts
9th GBR 195 Steve Bales, Jon Rigby, Jon Smith 7 9 6 (dns) dns 34,0 pts
10th GBR 135 Phil Waterfall, Chris Corner, Malcolm Hull (dns) 8 9 dns dns 41,0 pts
11th GBR 122 John Tabor, Chris Burrows, Richard Kidd 9 11 10 (dns) dns 42,0 pts

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