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RSX Youth Worlds - Racing on Day 2

The wind finally appeared and race winners were Katy Spychakov (ISR) in the women and Daniel Cohen (ISR) in the men.And even more wind -

Best placed GBR competitors were:

Emma Wilson 2nd and Erin Watson 6th in the women. And Andy Brown 15th in the men's event.

RS:X Youth Worlds - Women (40 entries)
1st ISR-32 Katy Spychakov 1 pts
2nd GBR-7 Emma Wilson 2 pts
3rd ISR-7 Maya Morris 3 pts
4th CHN-2 Xiaoshan Chen 4 pts
5th JPN-1113 Rina Niijima 5 pts
6th GBR-526 Erin Watson 6 pts
7th JPN-32 Kazami Matsuura 7 pts
8th ITA-130 Rosanna Stancampiano 8 pts
9th ISR-49 Noa Atias 9 pts
10th FRA-998 Olivia Rosique 10 pts

RS:X Youth Worlds - Men (97 entries)
1st ISR-19 Daniel Cohen 1 pts
1st FRA-160 Titouan Pillot 1 pts
3rd FRA-152 Tom Arnoux 2 pts
3rd CHN-1 Zhaoguan Dong 2 pts
5th FRA-312 Fabien Pianazza 3 pts
5th FRA-38 Tom Garandeau 3 pts
7th ISR-60 Tom Reuveny 4 pts
7th NED-25 Sil Hoekstra 4 pts
9th ISR-25 Bar Navri 5 pts
9th GRE-7 Alexandros Kalpogiannakis 5 pts
11th ESP-295 Javier Rodriguez Ramos 6 pts
11th NOR-43 Jakob Ruud 6 pts
13th ISR-253 Yoav Cohen 7 pts
13th FRA-380 Hugo Billon 7 pts
15th FRA-9 Mathurin Jolivet 8 pts
15th GBR-360 Andy Brown 8 pts

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