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The Bridge Race - Trimarans start to fly

After a first day marked by high pressure, erratic winds and low speed, the four Ultime Trimarans have finally picked-up speed in their race with Queen Mary 2.

The Queen Mary 2 looks unbeatable at the front of the The Bridge - Centennial Transat.

But during the second day of racing on Tuesday she was finally being outpaced as the “Ultime” class trimarans behind her spread their wings and began to fly.

After heading north, just west of the British Isles to get through the anticyclone that faced them in the Bay of Biscay from the start, all four have now tacked west.

At the top of the standings, the race between IDEC SPORT (Francis Joyon) and MACIF (François Gabart) is extremely tight.

At the 19:00 hrs ranking Tuesday, Joyon was leading, with Gabart 13 miles behind, with 2,351 miles of the 3,152-mile course to New York to go.

Leaders IDEC SPORT were the first to tack Tuesday and are now sailing in a strong but unstable wind that is more than 25 knots, causing the two watch-keepers to be cautious.

SOBEDO (Thomas Coville) and ACTUAL (Yves Le Blévec) have fallen behind. Actual was 200 miles behind Joyon, but gradually revving up over 20 knots.

Samantha Davies, the only Briton in the race, on Actual reported that even before they tacked west life was already becoming more difficult as their boat began to jump the waves.

The Bridge 2017 features a race from Saint-Nazaire to New York between two exceptional classes of ship - Queen Mary 2 and the largest trimarans in the world.

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