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Corinthian teams dominate Melges 24 European series

Two top podium places at the Melges 24 European Sailing Series in Marstrand, both in overall fleet and in Corinthian division were filled by the Corinthian teams.

The double winner and the Melges 24 Nordic Champion 2017 is Italian Taki 4 ITA778 and the second podium places were filled by the Great Britain's Gill Race Team GBR694.

To the third place in the overall podium was stepping the team SlingSHOT USA747 from U.S. and Corinthian podium was completed by Miss Devil SWE666 of Sweden.

On the final day, Marco Zammarchi's Taki 4 ITA778 with Niccolo Bertola in helm was keeping their performance at the highest level getting the win from the first race and third from the final.

Miles Quinton's Gill Race Team GBR694 with Geoff Carveth helming was improving its performance day by day in Marstrand being very consistent, especially during the last two days.

The score of 6-10-2-2-3-5-4-5 and the total of thirty seven points secured them second podium place after Italian Taki 4.

Miles Quinton's Gill Race Team - Click image for a larger image

SlingSHOT USA747 team with Wes Whitmyer Jr helming was performing well, especially with the final day's strong conditions getting the win from the final race and second position from the first one.

SlingSHOT was completing the overall podium being just four points behind the Gill Race Team.

It was great to see strong Norwegian and Danish fleet competing here for the Nordic title and to prepare for the Worlds in Helsinki - true Nordic Championship with international participation!

In the Corinthian division, as told earlier, Italian Taki 4 and Great Britain's Gill Race Team had their Corinthian moment in both rankings and the third podium place was kept in the Nordic.

Tomas Skalen's Miss Devil SWE666 managed to hold this position from the second day and was happy about their performance towards the Worlds in Helsinki in such a competitive fleet (11th place in the overall ranking).

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