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Beadsworth keeps lead at Dragon Worlds

Andy Beadsworth continues to lead the Dragon World Championship in Cascais Portugal, following a second race win.

Two races were completed on Tuesday, with Beadsworth winning the first ahead of current world champion, Yevgen Braslavets (UAE7), and Stephan Link (GER1162) winning the second ahead of Hendrik Witzmann (UAE9).

Two more longer races were held in light to moderate conditions and warm hazy sunshine off the coast of Cascais. With two races of 2 hours in duration it was a long day on the water for the fleet of 70 Dragons.

Beadsworth (1,10) now leads from Anatoly Loginov (6,3) of Russia, both with 12 points. Stephan Link (9,1) is in third and fourth is Braslavets Yevgen (2,5).

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Not such a good day for Lawrie Smith (GBR815), who suffered a 21st in the first race of the day, but recovered with a 4th in the second and is fifth overall.

Another British entry, Grant Gordon (GBR780) is in sixth after a 10 - 11 scoreline Tuesday.

Racing on Day 3, Wednesday 14 June has been brought forward by an hour with a first race warning at 1200 noon local time due to a forecast of heavier winds later in the day.

Dragon - World Championship at Cascais Portugal - Leaders after Day 2

1st TUR1212 Andy Beadsworth Ali Tezdiker, Simon Fry 1 1 10 12 pts
2nd RUS27 Anatoly Loginov Vadim Statsenko, Alexander Shalagin 3 6 3 12 pts
3rd GER1162 Stephan Link Frank Butzmann, Michi Lipp 9 9 1 19 pts
4th UAE7 Braslavets Yevgen Pugachev Sergey, Timokhova Sergey 13 2 5 20 pts
5th GBR815 Lawrie Smith Hugo Rocha, João Matos Rosa, Gonçalo Ribeiro 2 21 4 27 pts
6th GBR780 Grant Gordon Ruaridh Scott, Kasper Harsberg 6 10 11 27 pts
7th NED412 Pieter Heerema Lars Hendriksen, Claus Olesen 4 16 17 37 pts
8th POR66 José SM Matoso Gustavo Lima, Frederico P. Melo 7 18 12 37 pts
9th ESP71 Javier Scherk Diogo Barros, Nuno Barreto 12 24 6 42 pts
10th 02/06/17 Jens Rathsack Diogo Pereira, Tiago Marcelino 34 15 9 58 pts
11th FRA365 Christian Guyader Gwenael Chapalain, Erwan Le Chat 30 12 22 64 pts
12th UAE9 Hendrik Witzmann Henrique Anjos, Markus Koy 16 48 2 66 pts
13th GBR744 Tim Tavinor Noddy Norden, Dave Hall 19 31 16 66 pts
14th RUS76 Dmitry Samokhin Andrey Kirilyuk, Alexey Bushuev 27 17 23 67 pts
15th DEN411 Jørgen Schönherr Christian Aaberg Videbæk, Thomas Schmidt 44 11 13 68 pts
16th FRA420 Stephane Baseden Aucour Patrick, Pascal Rambeau 11 19 38 68 pts
17th GBR758 Klaus Diedrichs Diego Negri, Jamie Lea 10 22 41 73 pts
18th AUS225 William Packer Julian Harding, Denis Cullity 17 29 30 76 pts
19th FRA413 Guillou Gauthier L'Hostis Guillaume, Thomas Gauthier 43 8 26 77 pts
20th GER1177 Michael Zankel Pedro Andrade, Charles Nankin 5 41 33 79 pts

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