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Beadsworth wins first race at Dragon Worlds

Andy Beadsworth with his team of Ali Tezdiker and Simon Fry won the first race of the 2017 Dragon World Championship in Cascais, Portugal.

Beadsworth (TUR1212) with his team of Ali Tezdiker and Simon Fry started from the pin end and led at the windward mark from Lawrie Smith (GBR 815) and Stephan Link (GER1162).

Beadsworth maintained his lead and by the final upwind beat to the finish just had to cover every move Lawrie Smith and his local crew could muster and crossed the finish line with a healthy 50 second lead.

Smith maintained second with the Russian crew helmed by Anatoly Loginov (RUS27) closing in third.

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There was a slight shuffle of places in the top ten as a few Dragons appeared to over stand the finish line pin.

The Dutch crew helmed by Peter Heerema (NED412) held fourth and Michael Zankel (GER1177) gained ground for fifth.

70 Dragons from 19 nations are taking part on the challenging waters off Cascais.

For the first day of racing one longer race was scheduled using a two lap windward/leeward course of 2.2nm in length with a final upwind leg to the finish. Sailed in a gutsy 16 - 20 knots of breeze from 330 degrees, accompanied by rolling waves and warm hazy sunshine.

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Race Day 2 on Tuesday 13 June has two races scheduled.

Dragon - World Championship at Cascais Portugal - Day 1

1st TUR1212 Provezza Dragon Andy Beadsworth and Ali Tezdiker, Simon Fry 1 pts
2nd GBR815 Alfie Lawrie Smith and Hugo Rocha, João Matos Rosa, Gonçalo Ribeiro 2 pts
3rd RUS27 Annapurna Anatoly Loginov and Vadim Statsenko, Alexander Shalagin 3 pts
4th NED412 Troika Pieter Heerema and Lars Hendriksen, Claus Olesen 4 pts
5th GER1177 PowWow Michael Zankel and Pedro Andrade, Charles Nankin 5 pts
6th GBR780 Louise Grant Gordon and Ruaridh Scott, Kasper Harsberg 6 pts
7th POR66 Drago José SM Matoso and Gustavo Lima, Frederico P. Melo 7 pts
8th FRA401 Corrier des Saints Géry Trentesaux and Eric Brezelec, Jeremie Mion, Jean Queveau 8 pts
9th GER1162 Desert Holly Stephan Link and Frank Butzmann, Michi Lipp 9 pts
10th GBR758 Fever Klaus Diedrichs and Diego Negri, Jamie Lea 10 pts
11th FRA420 Outlaw Stephane Baseden and Aucour Patrick, Pascal Rambeau 11 pts
12th ESP71 Gunter Javier Scherk and Diogo Barros, Nuno Barreto 12 pts
13th UAE7 Bunker Prince Braslavets Yevgen and Pugachev Sergey, Timokhova Sergey 13 pts
14th POR47 Catarina III Vasco Serpa and Manuel Durães Rocha, Pedro Costa Alemão 14 pts
15th POR64 Lady Tati Patrick Monteiro de Barros and Álvaro Marinho,, Rodrigo Vantacich 15 pts
16th UAE9 Desert Eagle Hendrik Witzmann and Henrique Anjos, Markus Koy 16 pts
17th AUS225 Dragonfly William Packer and Julian Harding, Denis Cullity 17 pts
18th IRL206 Cloud Laura Dillon and Jonathan Bourke, Rita Gonçalves, Antonio Gois 18 pts
19th GBR744 Monday Tim Tavinor and Noddy Norden, Dave Hall 19 pts
20th AUS198 Whim Robin Hammond and Anthony Yates, Arthur Phillips 20 pts
21st GBR788 Quicksilver V1 Robert Campbell and Lukasz Malissa, Paul Fletcher 21 pts
22nd FRA422 Corto III Bruno Jourdren and Maxime Abbar, Pierre Alexis Ponsot 22 pts
23rd GER1180 Rosie Benjamin Morgen and Tim Trober, Nicolas Raedecke 23 pts
24th RUS35 Sunflower Viktor Fogelson and Oleg Khoperskiy, Viacheslav Kaptyukhin 24 pts
25th JPN50 Yevis II Bocci Aoyama and Martin Payne, Norio Igei 25 pts
26th GBR810 Badger Tom Vernon and Oliver Spensley –Corfield, Adam Bowers 26 pts
27th RUS76 Rocknrolla Dmitry Samokhin and Andrey Kirilyuk, Alexey Bushuev 27 pts
28th HUN57 Johanna Ferenc Kis-Szolgyemi and Karoly Vezer, Tamas Kiss 28 pts
29th DEN332 Monick David Holm and Bo Selko, Anders Bagger 29 pts
30th FRA365 Ar Youleg Christian Guyader and Gwenael Chapalain, Erwan Le Chat 30 pts
31st SWE385 Still Crazy Stefan Winberg and Fredrik Brotell, Markus Lagerquist 31 pts
32nd RUS34 Even Better Vasily Senatorov and Igor Ivaskintsov, Alex Muzichenko 32 pts
33rd GBR761 Jerboa Gavia Wilkinson-Cox and Mark Hart, Philip Catmur 33 pts
34th 02/06/17 Jeanie Jens Rathsack and Diogo Pereira, Tiago Marcelino 34 pts
35th AUS201 Wizzardry Ray Chatfield and Karen Chatfield, Peter Massee 35 pts
36th POR57 Whisper Mário Quina and Fernando Passeiro, Carlos R. Ferreira 36 pts
37th BEL79 Princess Sofie Alex Helsen and Floris Mortelmans, Dries Crombé 37 pts
38th POR68 Nice Shot José Carlos Pina and Jorge Ferlov, Manuel Anjos 38 pts
39th SUI311 Sophie 3 Hugo Stenbeck and Bernardo Freitas, Martin Westerdahl 39 pts
40th RUS98 Zenith Goikhberg Igor and Sadchykov Roman, Berezkin Dmitry 40 pts
41st GBR793 Harry Michael Budd and Dom Losty, Mark Greaves 41 pts
42nd AUS109 Pinta Peter Bowman and Jennie Fitzhardinge, Jeremy Shellabear 42 pts
43rd FRA413 Nenette Guillou Gauthier and L'Hostis Guillaume, Thomas Gauthier 43 pts
44th DEN411 African Queen Jørgen Schönherr and Christian Aaberg Videbæk, Thomas Schmidt 44 pts
45th POR40 Dragull José Bello and Bernardo Torres Pêgo, Francisco P. Melo 45 pts
46th FRA395 Air Prim Cyrille Vernes and Loïc Le Garrec, Thomas Bacchini 46 pts
47th EST17 Vitamin ONE Mihkel Kosk and Meelis Kosk, Niklas Jansson 47 pts
48th POR56 Peggy Miguel Magalhães and Jorge P. Melo, José Magalhães 48 pts
49th RUS31 Convergence Mikhail Senatorov and Alexandr Yanin, Maxim Semerkhanov 49 pts
50th SWE316 Cohiba on Fire Niels Flohr and Erik Pettersson, Carl Petersson 50 pts
51st AUS210 Eizh Sandy Anderson and John Moncrieff, Stephan Eyssautier, Albert Eyssautier 51 pts
52nd SUI288 Kalliston Justus Kniffka and Jorge Lima, Jose Luis Costa, Mariana Freitas 52 pts
53rd GER1140 Smaug Nicola Friesen and Vincent Hoesch, Joost Houweling 53 pts
54th GBR696 Billie Whizz Rob Riddell and Simon Cash, Georgina Dewar 54 pts
55th POR70 Lotte II Rui Boia and Martin Seevers, José Gonçalves 55 pts
56th NED411 Olinghi Charlotte ten Wolde and Juliette ten Wolde, Janka Holan, Franscisco Andrade 56 pts
57th SUI313 Free Dirk Oldenburg and Theis Palm, Dominik Zycki 57 pts
58th AUS223 Hombre Trish Ford and Graeme Fardon, David Hay 58 pts
59th GBR748 Sanka Dave Ross and Alex Dobson, Paul Blowers 59 pts
60th BEL82 Herbie Xavier Vaneste and Patrick Degryse, Karl Odent 60 pts
61st AUS221 Saphira Ian Malley and Brad Stout, Matt Zimmerman 61 pts
62nd GER1163 Straight Dealer Christian Einfeldt and Alexander Plath,, Klaas Ebeling 62 pts
63rd GER1175 Sapphire Jan Woortman and Sonke Bruhns, Christopf Wieland 63 pts
64th FRA391 Ulysse Jean Breger and Gout Christhian, Aunette Gaetan 71 pts
65th GBR731 Kestra Richard Leask and William Adams, Vanessa Leask, Nevin Jamieson 71 pts
66th GBR803 Gorgeous Worgeous Quentin Strauss and Simon Strauss, Nigel Young 71 pts
67th GER1102 LiLu Philipp Pechstein and Roman Koch, Ralf Nagel 71 pts
68th GER1151 Puck IV Philip Dohse and Volker Kramer, Nicola Dohse, Christian Motler 71 pts
69th POR50 Christmas III Pedro Mendes Leal and Jorge Moya, Afonso Domingos, Diana Neves 71 pts
70th SUI318 Pumper Nickel II Wolf Waschkuhn and Davide Bortoletto, Diogo Cayolla 71 pts

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