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America's Cup

New Zealand get to go to the Cup

At the second attempt Emirates Team New Zealand overcame Artemis Racing and a reluctant weather system to win the seventh race of the Challenger – Finals.

Leading 4 - 2, Emirates Team New Zealand led the first attempt at race 7, only to have the wind die and Artemis slowly catch them, then for them both to drift until the time limit expired.

The wait began . . .

Then 10 minutes before the last possible starting time for racing, Regatta Director Iain Murray determined the wind had built enough to conduct a fair race.

In the second attempt at racing, Pete Burling won the start over his counterpart Nathan Outteridge on Artemis Racing, and led into mark one for the first time in the series.

From there, the Kiwis made no mistakes, showed blazing speed, extending around the race course for what appeared to be an easy win and the end of the Artemis Racing challenge.

Emirates Team New Zealand have earned the challenger berth to face defender Oracle Team USA in the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, which starts on Saturday 17 June.

“We feel like we’re in great shape to take on Oracle now,” Burling said just after crossing the finishing line. “Artemis has been an amazing partner. They’ve pushed us incredibly hard . . . they've put us in good shape for the Cup.”

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