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Smooth Sailing for Marion Bermuda Race

Forty-seven boats are racing from Marion to Bermuda in the 40th Anniversary of the Marion Bermuda Race.

Leading the fleet are ‘Jambi’, a new Hinckley Bermuda 50 skippered by John Levinson and race veteran ‘Defiance,’ a Swan 56 skippered Peter Noonan.

They were some 300nm from Bermuda doing 6.5kts on Sunday morning.

They may reach Bermuda by late Monday but that depends winds in the ‘happy valley’ between the Gulf Stream and Bermuda, especially the last 100 miles to the rock.

Some of the boats behind them are finding calms, the ‘parking lots’, and shifty winds.

Wind in the vicinity of the leaders was dropping from 12kts to 5kts and should be swinging from the SW to the NE as they head south. From there, it is variable and light.

All of the yachts carry YB Trackers and can be followed on yb.tl/mb2017

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