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Contender, Fireball and Merlin Open Meetings at HISC

The Contender, Fireball and Merlin Rocket classes held Open Meetings at Hayling Island SC over the weekend.

Winner of the Contender event was Gary Langdown of High Cliffe SC, tied on 6 points with Simon Mussell. In third was Stuart Jones of Datchet Water SC.

Winners of the Fireball event were Christian Birrall and Vyv Townsend from Bough Beech SC, with a two point advantage over Tom Gillard and Geoff Edwards of Sheffield Viking SC.

Third were Kevin Hope and Russell Thorne of Lyme Regis SC.

Winners of the Merlin Rocket event were, Roger Gilbert and James Stewart of Frensham Ponds SC, seven points clear of Ben McGrane and Roz McGrane of Netley SC.

Third were Simon and Ally Potts of Burghfeild SC.

Contender - Open Meeting after 5 races
1st 2439 Gary Langdown High Cliffe 6 pts
2nd 2420 Simon Mussell High Cliffe 6 pts
3rd 2465 Stuart Jones Datchet Water SC 12 pts
4th 2572 Ed Presley Cotswold SC 16 pts
5th 2607 Carl Tagoe Oxford SC 18 pts
6th 2618 Nick Noble Portishead SC 21 pts
7th 2522 Chris Boshier Thorpe Bay YC 25 pts
8th 678 Thomas Hooton Burton SC 31 pts
9th 693 David Patterson Emsworth SC 33 pts
10th 2347 Martin Jones Wilsonian SC 35 pts
11th 2661 Nick Curry Weston SC 39 pts
12th 716 Richard Franks Weston SC 41 pts
13th 2639 Ralph Drew Weston SC 47 pts
14th 2538 John Mclean TBA 49 pts
15th 712 Rodger White King George SC 64 pts

Fireball Open Meeting after 5 races
1st 15144 Christian Birrall and Vyv Townsend Bough Beech SC 5 pts
2nd 15127 Tom Gillard and Geoff Edwards Sheffield Viking SC 7 pts
3rd 15133 Kevin Hope and Russell Thorne Lyme Regis SC 14 pts
4th 15112 David Sayce and Nick Rees HISC 17 pts
5th 15124 Pete Kyne and Tom Kyne Brightlingsea 23 pts
6th 15120 Vince Horey and Simon Forbes KGSC 24 pts
7th 15130 David Winder and Ben Rayner Hollingworth Lake 25 pts
8th 15143 Isaac Marsh and Oliver Davenport TBA 33 pts
9th 14928 Anthony Willcocks and James Willcocks Portishead Yacht & SC 39 pts
10th 15103 Keith Walker and John Piatt HISC 39 pts
11th 15045 Christine Slater and Graham Slater Portishead 39 pts
12th 14791 Steve Goacher and Steve Chesney HISC 49 pts
13th 14889 Barry Smith and Jo Line Thornbury SC 49 pts
14th 15099 Simon Kings and C Stockman HISC 57 pts
15th 15123 Matt Burge and Dan Schieber Poole YC 58 pts
16th 14821 Nick Hurst and Jake Elsbury HISC 59 pts
17th 15036 Fiona Gray and Jez White Waldringfield 60 pts
18th 15111 Chris Turner and Jono Loe HISC 62 pts
19th 14804 Tobias Hamer and Torie Morley Port Dinorwic 62 pts
20th 14950 Chris Thorne and Andy Stewart TBA 66 pts
21st 15097 B Clegg and David Pannell Brightlingsea 67 pts
22nd 14388 James Cuxon and James Arnott Newhave & Seaford SC 75 pts
23rd 15121 Bryan Thompson and Hugo Knight HISC 81 pts
24th 13656 Tony Godwin and Charlie Plows Rutland Water 84 pts
25th 14656 Simon Benson and Colin Parke HISC 100 pts

Merlin Rocket Open Meeting after 5 races
1st 3722 Roger Gilbert and James Stewart Frensham 5 pts
2nd 3739 Ben McGrane and Roz McGrane Netley SC 12 pts
3rd 3777 Simon Potts and Ally Potts Burghfeild 13 pts
4th 3774 Jon Turner and Richard Parslow Lyme Regis 19 pts
5th 3759 Sam Pascoe and Megan Pascoe Castle Cove 24 pts
6th 3778 Caroline Croft and Chris Gould Bartley SC 26 pts
7th 3764 Tim Fells and Fran Gifford Salcombe YC 29 pts
8th 3770 David Hayes and Jonny Ratcliffe HISC 29 pts
9th 3786 Dave Wade and Rachael Rhodes Northampton 35 pts
10th 3758 Tim Saxton and Jodie Green GWSC 35 pts
11th 3726 Will Henderson and Arthur Henderson Salcombe YC 40 pts
12th 3728 Judith Massey and Graham Williamson HISC 40 pts
13th 3741 Simon Lytton and Jackie Lytton HISC 45 pts
14th 3756 William Warren and Mark Oakby Shoreham SC 51 pts
15th 3776 Nick Craig and Mari Shepherd   51 pts
16th 3712 Ian Sharps and Ellie Sharps Burghfield 51 pts
17th 3787 Chris Martin and Nick Copsey Midland SC 52 pts
18th 3709 Tom Lonsdale and Lawrence Creaser Upper Thames SC 56 pts
19th 3656 Olly Turner and Holly Scott Starcross YC 64 pts
20th 3705 Geoff Wright and Katie Wright Blithfield 70 pts
21st 3691 Mike Calvert and Jane Calvert Axe YC 72 pts
22nd 3704 Jemma Hughes and Sel Thames 81 pts
23rd 3585 John Fildes and Charlotte Fildes ASC 85 pts
24th 3532 Charles Everard and Steve Storey HISC 104 pts
24th 3763 Mark Barnes and Charlotte Jones Whitstable YC 104 pts

Full results available here

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