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Olympic sailing competitor numbers reduced

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has confirmd sailings 10 medal events for Tokyo 2020, but reduced sailing's quota by 30 sailors.

The IOC has reduced the athlete quota for Sailing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games by 30 athletes from 380 to 350.

The Executive Board decision will lead to a net increase of 15 events, an overall reduction of 285 athletes from Rio 2016, and the highest representation of female athletes in Olympic history.

In Tokyo, the number of mixed events will double from nine in Rio 2016 to 18. All new events will make use of existing venues.

World Sailing President Kim Andersen said, "The IOC Executive Board decision to confirm our 10 medal events for Tokyo 2020, but reduce sailing's quota by 30 sailors is disappointing."

"We will now need to review the quotas for 2020 and any impact on our event programme and we will discuss this matter further with the IOC over the coming days."

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