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America's Cup

ETNZ pitchpole in strong winds in Bermuda

A dramatic capsize by Emirates Tean New Zealand in their second race concluded day 2 of Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Challenger Playoff races.

The incident happened in the second Emirates Tean New Zealand v Land Rover BAR race on Tuesday.

BAR led off the line at full speed and as ETNZ put their bow down to chase they reared-up high on their foils and then pitchpoled.

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The boat finally fell onto its side and the ETNZ team were able to pull it upright, the wing having considerable damage. All crew were safe and uninjured.

Ainslie had continued on the course, but backing-off from full speed and talking with the race officials as ETNZ were recovered.

The race was awarded to BAR making the overall score 3 - 1 in favour of ETNZ.

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Softbank Team Japan and Artemis meet in their third race with the wind at between 21 and 24 knots, just on the upper edge of sailing conditions.

Softbank led from the start and it appeared that Artemis lost some pieces of fairing as the blasted along. They were also having some handling problems.

After gate 5, Softbank also lost some fairings the wind and sea coditions finding weak points.

On leg 7, with Softbank lead by over a minute, Artemis decided to retire, leaving Softbank to finish for win 3.

In the second match of the day, Land Rover BAR led ETNZ off the line at 43 knots to be neck and neck on leg 2.

At gate 3 a poor gybe by BAR allowed ETNZ gain and at gate 4 BAR kept lead but ETNZ sailed under them into lead.

ETNZ rounded gate 8 ahead and took thier third win.

Race 3 was Artemis v Softbank Japan in their fourth match.

Softbank led to windward at 45 knots. At the mark 1 bear away, Artemis could not gybe and went out of boundry a long way before being able to get control and turn back.

The Judges gave them several penalties, which in the high speed atmosphere they found difficult to burn-off, much to Iian Percy's frustration.

Softbank Japan finished over a minute ahead to take a 3 - 1 lead overall.

Racing will continue Wednesday.

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