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Melges 32 - Onorato leads in Riva Del Garda

Vincenzo Onorato at the helm of Mascalzone Latino is leading the third stage of the 2017 Melges 32 World League, European Division.

Throughout the race, Onorato extended progressively on each leg, ensuring no one contested his lead, ultimately grabbing the win.

Immediately behind Onorato however, were several battles which were resolved in a photo finish at the line.

Co-owners Edoardo Lupi and Massimo Pessina with Lorenzo Bressani as tactician on TORPYONE closed the gap to claim second place. Edoardo Pavesio's FRA MARTINA with Manuel Weiller as tactician finished third.

In fourth overall is Russia's Pavel Kuznetsov aboard TAVATUY with Evgeny Neugodnikov as tactician, while current leader of the Melges 32 World League ranking, Matteo Balestrero on GIOGI rounds out the top five.

Melges 32 World League - Event 3 after 1 race
1st ITA 2121 MASCALZONE LATINO Vincenzo Onorato 1 pts
2nd ITA 487 TORPYONE Edoardo Lupi / Massimo Pessina 2 pts
3rd ITA 191 FRA MARTINA Edoardo Pavesio 3 pts
4th RUS 223 TAVATUY Pavel Kuznetsov 4 pts
5th ITA 172 GIOGI Matteo Balestrero 5 pts
6th NOR 212 PIPPA Lasse Petterson 6 pts
7th MON 181 G-SPOT Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio 7 pts
8th GER 193 WILMA Fritz Homann 8 pts
9th ITA 194 VITAMINA (Corinthian) Francesco Graziani 9 pts
10th SWE 322 INGA Richard Goransson 10 pts
11th ITA 186 CAIPIRINHA (Corinthian) Martin Reintjes 11 pts
12th ITA 201 VITAMINA AMERIKANA Andrea Lacorte 12 pts
13th GER 229 LA PERICOLOSA Christian Schwoerer 13 pts
14th GER 215 HOMANIT JUNIOR (Corinthian) Kilian Holzapfel 14 pts
15th TUR 159 EKER Ahmet Eker 15 pts
16th GER 225 SJAMBOK (Corinthian) Jens K├╝hne 16 pts

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