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Jones and FitzGerald are I-14 European Champions

Neale Jones and Ed FitzGerald are the 2017 International 14 European Champions.

Jones and FitzGerald from Itchenor SC finished the 11 race series on Lake Garda, five points clear of Georg Borkenstein and Eike Dietrich of Germany.

Andy and Tom Partington of Hayling Island SC took third. Katie Nurton and NIgel Ash of Itchenor fourth and Oliver Voss and Eike Ehrig of Germany fifth.

International 14 European Championship - Final after 11 races

1st GBR 155 Jones Neale, FitzGerald Edward, Itchenor 18,0 pts
2nd GER 28 Borkenstein Georg, Dietrich Eike, WSCW 23,0 pts
3rd GBR 1559 Partington Andy, Partington Tom, Hayling Island SC 33,0 pts
4th GBR 1557 Nurton Katie, Ash NIgel, RYS/ISC 35,0 pts
5th GER 91 Voss Oliver, Ehrig Eike, KYC/BSV 43,0 pts
6th GBR 1530 FitzGerald Andy, Dobson, Itchenor Sailing club 62,0 pts
7th GBR 1523 Morrison Kimball, Martin Nick, Itchenor Sailing Club 79,0 pts
8th GER 2 Merkel Tobias, Jan-Martin Luehrs, FYC/WSC 80,0 pts
9th GBR 1546 Duchesne Charles, Bracewell Thomas, Itchenor SC 84,0 pts
10th GER 230 Reinsch Axel, Stoffers Elena, SVST 95,0 pts
11th GBR 1519 Massey Archie, Hillary Harvey, Itchenor Sailing Club 106,0 pts
12th GBR 1527 McDanell Philip, Boughton Luke, Itchenor Sailing Club 109,0 pts
13th GBR 1561 Pattison Douglas, Tait Mark, Itchenor Sailing Club 114,0 pts
14th USA 1194 Bersch Joe, Hanseler Jamie, SeattleYC/Corinthian YC 125,0 pts
15th GBR 1552 M. ?, Ovingtom Adam, RYS 126,0 pts
16th GER 24 Denninger Angela, Wiskemann Moritz, DSC/SLRV 156,0 pts
17th GER 216 Elle Michel, Baginski Klaas-Lyasnder, FSC 157,0 pts
18th GER 1509 Schafft David, Jacob Max, Selenter Segelclub 166,0 pts
19th GER 11 Vickery Stewart, McConnell Andrew, SYC/RCYC 174,0 pts
20th GER 218 Frasch Bjoern, Peter Oliver, Segler-Vereinigung Wakenitz 189,0 pts
21st AUS 1560 Mahar Cortney, Mahar Elliot, Perth DSC 209,0 pts
22nd ITA 1488 Van Essen Dominik, Saccani Simona, Itchenor SC 222,0 pts
23rd SUI 30 Mani Sandro, Danzi Mario, YCAs 241,0 pts
24th GBR 1551 Smith Colin, Smith Alex, Itchenor Sailing Club 243,0 pts
25th GER 77 Sommer Oliver, Stenzel Roman, WSVL/DSCL 244,0 pts
26th AUS 1550 Vaughan Chris, Fabiansson Martin, Sandringham YC 252,0 pts
27th GER 202 Sauerland Lukas, Thiem Gregor, GSC e.V 252,0 pts

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