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Waszp Atlantic Coast Championships are a Buzz

The Waszp Atlantic Coast Championships were held at Toms River Yacht Club in New Jersey, won by Reed Baldridge.

A solid fleet enjoyed fantastic conditions and a great warm-up regatta for the WASZP Games in Lake Garda later this year.

Waszp Numbers continue to grow around the world, with 363 boats shipped from the factory since production commenced 10 months ago.

Waszp’s are now sailing in 30 countries with boats shipping worldwide, and are well on the way to 500 boats on the water as the northern summer heats up.

Entry for the WASZP Games in Lake Garda - Click Here

The 160 Euro entry includes all racing and clinics, parties, regatta merchandise and a few surprises.

For a detailed breakdown of where the Waszp’s have landed so far Click Here for the Blog.

Waszp - 2017 Atlantic Coast Championships (13 races)
1st USA 2093 Reed Baldridge 16 pts
2nd USA 2218 Conner Blouin 20 pts
3rd USA 2215 Markus Edegran 34 pts
4th USA 2222 Peet Must 45 pts
5th USA 2088 Ben Rosenberg 48 pts
6th USA 2010 Sam Blouin 57 pts
7th USA 2271 Molly Horrocks 82 pts
8th USA 2043 Clay Johnson 85 pts
9th USA 2131 Carl Horrocks 89 pts
10th USA 2213 Jason Michas 89 pts
11th USA 2221 Robert B. Scala 122 pts
12th USA 8 Andy Goetting 122 pts
13th USA 2214 Peet Must 132 pts

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