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Antigua Bermuda Race - Stay Calm leads

After IRC time correction, Stay Calm is estimated to be leading the Antigua Bermuda race by a big margin.Stay Calm -

Jeremi Jablonski's Avanti is some 60 miles behind Simon & Nancy De Pietro's Irish CNB 76, Lilla.

However, after IRC time correction, the two yachts are vying for second place, estimated to be just a few seconds apart on corrected time.

After three days into the Antigua Bermuda Race, strategic decisions have been few, but that is about to change.

The fleet will soon feel the effects of a low pressure system to the east and whilst there should be no big difference in wind strength, the likelihood is that the wind is due to veer to the south.

The strategic decision will be whether to stay near the rhumb line and reduce the number of miles sailed, or heat up the angle of attack and head northwest.

The Antigua Bermuda Race is entering a crucial stage. The reward for the teams that put in a big effort now will be to catch the breeze about 100 miles to the north, but the fresh breeze is moving east and those who fall behind now will miss the opportunity.

Two of the fastest yachts in the race continue to impress:

Leading on the water is Stephen Murray Jr.'s American Volvo 70, Warrior ahead of British Swan 82, Stay Calm, skippered by Lloyd Kyte. In the last 24 hours Warrior has not only passed Stay Calm, but extended their lead by 43 miles.

Don Macpherson's American Swan 90, Freya has also had a spectacular 24-hour run and is now level with Stay Calm. These three powerful yachts are the furthest west of the entire fleet and will hope to get the fresh breeze before the yachts to the east.

Race Tracker: http://yb.tl/a2b2017