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RS:X Finalists are decided for Saturday's racing

Louis Giard of France came back with a 2, 27, 2, to take the overall lead in the men's RS:X Open European Championship.

After Friday's racing all previous scores are deleted and any of the top 12 will have the chance to be European Champion after three further races on Saturday.

In the men's event, Holland's Dorian van Russelberge (3,29,19) slipped to second, three points behind Giard.

Wonwoo Cho (8,2,7) of S. Korea is third a further point back.

Britain's Tom Squires (9,1,14) won the second race and is now eighth overall, while Sam Sills (25,49,17) finished the day in 11th.

In the women's event, Maja Dziarnowska of Poland is the leader after a 2, 2, 5 scoreline, four points ahead of Lilian de Geus of Holland, with Zofia Noceti-Klepacka Poland in third.

Britain's Isobel Hamilton (17,19,26) dropped to 12th overall, so gets to race on the final day.

RS:X Men - Open European Championship after 8 races (55 entries)

1st FRA 1 GIARD Louis (FRALG33) 32 pts
2nd NED 8 VAN RIJSSELBERGE Dorian (NEDDV4) 35 pts
3rd KOR 141 CHO Wonwoo (KORWC4) 36 pts
4th ISR 21 MASHIAH Nimrod (ISRNM1) 40 pts
5th ITA 60 BENEDETTI Daniele (ITADB41) 42 pts
6th NED 9 BADLOE Kiran (NEDKB8) 43.3 pts
7th POL 182 TARNOWSKI Pawel (POLPT4) 47 pts
8th DEN 158 FLEISCHER Sebastian (DENSF4) 48 pts
9th GBR 2 SUIRES Tom (GBRTS53) 50 pts
10th GRE 8 KOKKALANIS Byron (GREBK1) 54 pts
11th GBR 60 SILLS Samuel (GBRSS56) 74 pts
12th ISR 11 ZUBARI Shahar (ISRSZ1) 75 pts

RS:X Women - Open European Championship after 7 races (108 entries)

1st POL 7 DZIARNOWSKA Maja (F1990) 20 pts
2nd NED 3 DE GEUS Lilian (F1991) 24 pts
3rd POL 8 NOCETI-KLEPACKA Zofia (F1986) 27 pts
4th HKG 5 CHAN Hei Man (F1991) 38 pts
5th FRA 57 NOESMOEN Helene (F1992) 39 pts
6th ITA 46 TARTAGLINI Flavia (F1985) 43 pts
7th HKG 11 LO Sin lam sonia (F1992) 51 pts
8th RUS 1 ELFUTINA Stefania (F1997) 64 pts
9th ISR 32 SPYCHAKOV Katy (F1999) 74 pts
10th ESP 5 ALABAU NEIRA Marina (F1985) 78 pts
11th BRA 2 FREITAS Patricia (F1986) 83 pts
12th GBR 30 HAMILTON Isobel (F1992) 87 pts

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