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RS Tera Southern Championships - Three title winners

The 2017 Southern Area Championships took place over the weekend at the Royal Lymington Yacht Club. Winners were: RS Tera Pro event Ralph Nevile of Frensham Pond SC, RS Tera Sport event, Tom Ahlheid of Frensham Pond SC and RS Tera Regatta fleet, Oliver Phillips of Mudeford SC.

RS Tera Pro Fleet - 2017 Southern Area Championships
1st RS Tera Pro 2369 Ralph Nevile Frensham 5 pts
2nd RS Tera Pro 3031 Ben Millard Emsworth SC 14 pts
3rd RS Tera Pro 2401 Josh Roberts Hayling Island SC 17 pts
4th RS Tera Pro 2886 Kate Wharmby RLymYC 21 pts
5th RS Tera Pro 2450 Rachel Pyke Hayling Island SC 25 pts
6th RS Tera Pro 2279 Theo Bell RLymYC 29 pts
7th RS Tera Pro 4 Alice Wood RLymYC 37 pts
8th RS Tera Pro 1637 George Overton RLymYC 37 pts
9th RS Tera Pro 2381 Sam Bradshaw Emsworth SC 41 pts
10th RS Tera Pro 2391 Luke Anstey Frensham 48 pts
11th RS Tera Pro 1 Harry Stembridge RLymYC 49 pts
12th RS Tera Pro 3089 Morgan Horn LTSC 52 pts
13th RS Tera Pro 2639 Chris Collins Queen Mary SC 59 pts

RS Tera Sport Fleet - 2017 Southern Area Championships
1st RS Tera Sport 1880 Tom Ahlheid Frensham 7 pts
2nd RS Tera Sport 3029 Freddie Fishor Hayling Island SC 10 pts
3rd RS Tera Sport 2687 Max Sydenham Dell Quay 15 pts
4th RS Tera Sport 2370 Olly Peters Hayling Island SC 17 pts
5th RS Tera Sport 2287 Phoebe Peters Hayling Island SC 21 pts
6th RS Tera Sport 18 Findlay Bignold-Kyles RLymYC 28 pts
7th RS Tera Sport 11 Henry Patten RLymYC 36 pts
8th RS Tera Sport 985 Ollie Williams Emsworth SC 40 pts
9th RS Tera Sport 12 Cameron Bignold-Kyles RLymYC 42 pts
10th RS Tera Sport 1874 Tristian Ahlheid Frensham 47 pts
11th RS Tera Sport 2255 James Carleton - SATTom Wharmby - SUN / RLymYC 47 pts

RS Tera Regatta Fleet - 2017 Southern Area Championships
1st Regatta 2040 Oliver Phillips Mudeford SC 7 pts
2nd Regatta 3192 Harry West RLymYC 11 pts
3rd Regatta 16 Violet Edwards RLymYC 14 pts
4th Regatta 15 Jack Stewart RLymYC 18 pts
5th Regatta 745 Marcus Edwards RLymYC 23 pts

The next RS Tera event is the Hayling Island SC Open Meeting - 13 and 14 may 2017.

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