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Uffa Fox classic 14's up for Auction

Eight Uffa Fox International 14s will be auctioned by Time and Tide Boats at their Classic Boat Auction, Beale Park on Saturday, 3 June.Images by TimeandTideBoats.com - K380 Lancing -

Included in the collection is Uffa's famous Avenger, one of his earliest designs that went on to win 52 firsts, 2 second places, and 3 thirds out of 57 starts.

The International 14's that came out of Uffa's own yard on the Isle of Wight went through continuous development year on year, as he competed and many won Prince of Wales Trophies.

Thankfully many of the originals have been preserved in a national private collection as well as by individual owners.

The hope is for members of a sailing club or individuals to get involved in buying and housing this fleet and organising regular competitions, with the aim to win a new trophy to be known as the Uffa Fox Memorial Cup.

Images by TimeandTideBoats.com - Click image for a larger image

International 14's from Andrew Thornhill's collection that are offered for sale at the auction include:

- Clover K232 Morgan Giles Teak. Stewart Morris* 21st birthday present.

- Alarm K347 Very famous boat raced by Stewart Morris

- Encore K847 Kirby 2. Stewart Morris last boat. Has been modernized. Very good condition.

- Lightning K290 John Winter's boat.

- Taiyara K396 this boat is in First class order

- Corona K374 Steep rise of floor. Very good river boat. Pretty good condition.

- Imp K170 Very early International 14 which is very similar to Uffa Fox's own Avenger, Imp has been restored to a very high standard by Colin Henwood.

For full details of the boats and the TimeandTideBoats.com Auction - Click Here

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