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Roll Out plan for Foiling Nacra 17

World Sailing has confirmed its support for the existing roll out plan to release the first batch of 45 Foiling Nacra 17’s on 26 June 2017.

The European Championship will be a foiling event, and the World Championship in La Grande Motte, France, will also be raced in foiling Nacra 17’s.

In addition, World Sailing with their partners in Aarhus, has announced that the Aarhus test event will also be conducted in Foiling Nacra 17’s.

Following this confirmation by both World Sailing and the Nacra 17 Class Executive, it is probable that the Nacra 17 event for the Sailing World Series event in Japan (Oct 2017) will be cancelled.

This is due to unavailability of sufficient foiling Nacra 17’s and lack of demand to race the event in C board Nacra 17’s. World Sailing will make an official announcement shortly.

Since the initial distribution was announced in January, the manufacturing plans remain on time. In addition Nacra Sailing have increased their build capacity for the second half of 2017.

All parties are committed to ensuring that the equipment side of this Class is right for the 2020 Olympics.

Along with a change to the rudder and centerboard has come a host of structural upgrades to the Nacra 17.

A daggerboard case moved forward about 4 inches, and a shorter spin pole and genneaker anticipating much higher downwind speeds.

Earlier on 24 April the Nacra 17 Executive Team announced that:

The update to the delivery schedule includes an expansion in hull production beginning in the factory in Thailand starting in June.

All of the available hull tooling will be brought to use increasing the maximum capacity to 16 boats per month.

These boats will not land in Europe until early September, but from that point on the predicted delivery dates have been brought forward marginally to reflect the increase in production.

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