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ETNZ - The big Bermuda reveal

The ETNZ teams America’s Cup Class race boat was out sailing on Bermuda's Great Sound for the first time on Saturday.

The first sail was under the inquisitive gaze of an armada of competitors chase boats getting a first hand glimpse of the kiwi boat, in what has inadvertently(?) become one of the most anticipated events of this America’s Cup cycle.

The maiden sail in Bermuda came with an air of relief for skipper Glenn Ashby who has been like “a cat on a hot tin roof” waiting to get back out on the boat named New Zealand Aotearoa.

“But it was really fantastic to get back out there and get a taste of the race course first hand for the first time. It is pretty apparent already that this is going to be a really great regatta up here.”

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ETNZ relaunched their race boat with their replacement daggerboards while the finishing repairs continue to be made to their race boards which were damaged in Auckland.

With just 34 days to go until the first race of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers the urgency for continued development looms large and the team will be making the most of each day, the varying conditions as well as new equipment coming on line.

Another official race training period begins on Monday in Bermuda, with all of the other teams likely to participate, but the Kiwis are still playing hard to pin-down on their likely participation.

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