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Merlin Rockets rule at Shoreham Easter Cup

Two fantastic days of racing at Shoreham SC for the Easter Cup, including eleven Merlin Rockets - which might explain why the black flag came out!.

With visitors from around the country and a strong home fleet meant 36 competitors raced across the two days, including eleven Merlin Rockets.

Winners of the Easter Cup (for Shoreham SC boats) were William Warren and Mark Oakey in a Merlin Rocket.

Although the winners of the overall weekend were Simon and Ally Potts, again in a Merlin Rocket, who had traveled down from Burghfield SC.

Second were Warren and Oakey, with Alex Jackson (Hampton SC) and Will Carroll in third (all Merlins).

Race wins went to Simon and Ally, Warren and Oakey, Chris Gould and Chris Kilsby (Midland SC/Thames SC) and Caroline Croft and Pippa Taylor ((Blithfield SC/Thames SC).

In the medium handicap the first three boats overall were Bill and Lisa/Emma Whitney in their Wayfarer, John Shelton in his Laser and Ian O’Dell and Tim Richardson in their Enterprise.

Shoreham Easter Cup - Final after 3 races

1st Merlin Rocket 3777 Simon Potts and Ally Potts 7 pts
2nd Merlin Rocket 3756 William Warren and Mark Oakey 8 pts
3rd Merlin Rocket 3707 Alex Jackson and Will Carroll 8 pts
4th Merlin Rocket 3778 Chris Gould and Chris Kilsby 8.5 pts
5th Merlin Rocket 3673 Caroline Croft and Pippa Taylor 16.5 pts
6th Wayfarer (Hartley) 10688 Bill Whitney and Lisa/Emma Whitney 18 pts
7th Merlin Rocket 3742 Ian Dobson and Rob Allen 18 pts
8th Merlin Rocket 3683 Ben Jones and Helen Hilditch 18 pts
9th Laser 199444 John Shelton 29 pts
10th Merlin Rocket 3685 Sophie Mackley and Dominic Holden 32 pts
11th Phantom 1300 Ivan Walsh 32 pts
12th Phantom 1414 Steve Popple 33 pts
13th Enterprise 23042 Ian O'Dell and Tim Richardson 34 pts
14th RS Aero (7m2) 1079 Peter Coe 48 pts
15th Merlin Rocket 3625 Richard Bramley and Tony Cheal 51 pts
16th Merlin Rocket 3648 Toni Wright and Jamie Wright 52 pts
17th D One 405 Tyler Harmsworth 52 pts
18th National 12 3520 George Smith and Alice Crick 56 pts
19th Laser Radial 137124 Mossy Camp 65 pts
20th RS 300 364 Martin Walker 69 pts
21st Shadow X 55 Mark Sandell 84 pts
22nd Laser 187483 Saul Dubow 86 pts
23rd Laser 180668 Steve Southall 87 pts
24th RS200 1066 Gareth Griffiths and Rhys Griffiths 88 pts
25th Merlin Rocket 3585 John Fields and Charlotte Fields 88 pts
26th Blaze 785 Peter Bennett 90 pts
27th Wayfarer (Hartley) 10690 Michael Green and Philip Ayton 91 pts
28th K1 94 Ralph Husey 93 pts
29th RS200 1186 Jeff McTaggart and Tim Jones 95 pts
30th Phantom 1007 David Sellar 97 pts
31st Laser 188200 John Thompson 98 pts
32nd Laser 163152 Gary Inkpen 99 pts
33rd Laser 3 Dave Terry 100 pts
34th Formula 18 767 Mark Trott and Paul Wilcox 101 pts
35th Dart 18 5165 Imogen Gregory and Charlie Fuller 111 pts
36th Laser 203312 Toby Lyward and 111 pts

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