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Simpson clinches Finn Ranking victory

Hector Simpson from Yorkshire Dales SC clinched the second Finn RYA Spring Series with a 1,1,2 in the final three races.

The Ranking event was held at Mengeham Rythe SC for the six Under 23 and 22 masters with many keen for some top flight competition before the Master’s World Championships in Barbados in June.

On the Saturday a heavy fog delayed the start, but once racing started, Julian Smith took the first, Jon Tweedle the second, Jack Arnell the third and Simpson the fourth.

A final fifth race was squeezed in as the water ebbed, won by Arnell, leaving the fleet with a muddy recovery of boats from the rapidly emptying creek.

Sunday was a stronger breeze and another five races were completed.

The Oscar flag was raised allowing free pumping, much to the delight of the U23 lads who could then make up more lost positions against the canny ‘old boys’ downwind.

Tweedle looked more at home as he collected a 12,1,4,5,1 score line – taking the final win after a great tussle with four other U 23 sailors in the final heat.

British Sailing Team member Hector Simpson showed his mastery of downwind sailing to claim a 1,1,2, score in the final three races – enough to take the weekend by a narrow two point margin from the BFA U23 squad’s Jack Arnell.

Grand Master John Greenwood came in a deserved third, followed by Julian Smith and Allen Burrell, proving that the Masters are not past it yet!

Finn - RYA Spring Series No. 2

1st 96 Hector Simpson Yorkshire Dales SC 25 pts
2nd 28 Jack Arnell Christchurch SC 27 pts
3rd 5 John Greenwood West Kirby SC 38 pts
4th 720 Julian Smith MRSC 49 pts
5th 2 Allen Burrell Thorpe Bay YC 58 pts
6th 98 Cameron Tweedle Oxford SC / RAFSA 64 pts
7th 707 Callum Dixon Docklands SC 71 pts
8th 201 Kristian Sjoberg TBA 82 pts
9th 100 Matthew Walker MRSC 84 pts
10th 88 Jon Tweedle Oxford SC / RAFSA 91 pts
11th 9/703 Markus Bettum Gurnard SC 93 pts
12th 21 Michael de Courcy MRSC 97 pts
13th 61 John Heyes MRSC 100 pts
14th 69 Cy Grisley Keyhaven YC 115 pts
15th 90 Richard Sharp Bough Beech SC 125 pts
16th 577 Roddy Steel TBA 134 pts
17th 750 Ivan Burden TBA 142 pts
18th 722 Simon Hop TBA 158 pts
19th 631 Richard Hart MRSC 159 pts
20th 47 Tim Newton Oxford SC 168 pts
21st 26 Joe Stocker Stainton SC 170 pts
22nd 4 Russ Ward MRSC 170 pts
23rd 13 R Khodykin MRSC 182 pts
24th 22/710 Andrew Wylam MRSC 192 pts
25th 70 Nick Wheeler Keyhaven 209 pts
26th 787 Steve Popple Shoreham SC 220 pts
27th 48 Anthony Walker MRSC 222 pts
28th 80 Ray New Christchurch SC 222 pts

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