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Hydrofoil racing season opens in La Ventana

Maxime Nocher of Monaco won the 1st stop of the 2017 Hydrofoil racing season at La Ventana, Mexico.

Not far behind was Britain's Oliver Bridge in second place, followed by Axel Mazella of France to complete the podium.

Fourth was Riccardo Leccese ITA, and closing the top 5 is Florian Trittel ESP.

The top 10 included Nicolas Parlier FRA in 6th, Florian Gruber GER in 7th, Julien Kerneur FRA in 8th, Martin Dolenc CRO in 9th and Theo Lhostis FRA closing the top 10 with Europeans.

There were six women racing – in 1st place Daniela Moroz USA, 2nd place Gina Hewson AUS and 3rd Cath Dufour CAN, 4th Bitna Kim KOR. We are looking forward to a growing female fleet in the races to come.

While boards turn in to magic carpets, flying 1 meter above the water and fins turn into underwater airplanes with wings that boil.

The kite racing board set up is redefined by riders and manufacturers as sailing vessels, no longer called a simple board.

“We are sailors,” said Moroz, named female Champion of the competition and ROLEX Yachtswoman of the Year.

La Ventana, the 1st stop of the Hydrofoil Pro Tour racing season had a grand opening with various wind conditions that made for an even playing field for all racers.

“This was like a World Championship! One of the toughest events I’ve been to, for sure,” said Oliver Bridge.

Professional foilers, sailors, amateur foilers, manufacturers, fans, come to La Ventana where you are guaranteed at lest 60 riders from 20+ countries – this event keeps growing, and if you are in the market for a foil, this is where you want to be at the end of Day 4 of racing.

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