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Balestrero Wins Melges 32 World League Event

Matteo Balestrero and his team aboard Giogi won the Melges 32 World League Event in Porto Venere.

The crew of Giogi included tactician Paolo Cian and crew members Andrea Casale, Andrea Felci, Elio Borio, Cristiano Giannetti, Alessandro Siviero and Leone Taddei.

Finishing respectively in second and third was Andrea Lacorte's Vitamina Amerikana and Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio's G-Spot.

Additional congratulations go out to the very first Melges 32 World League Porto Venere Corinthian Champion Kilian Holzapfel from Germany aboard Homanit Junior.

The Corinthian podium was completed with Martin Reintjes on Caipirinha in second, followed by third place finisher Francesco Graziani on Vitamina.

Melges 32 - World League Event
1st   ITA 172 GIOGI Matteo Balestrero 10 pts
2nd   ITA 201 VITAMINA AMERIKANA Andrea Lacorte 15 pts
3rd   MON 181 G -SPOT Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio 15 pts
4th   ITA 191 FRA MARTINA Edoardo Pavesio 19 pts
5th   NOR 212 PIPPA Lasse Petterson / Claudia Rossi 21 pts
6th   GER 215 HOMANIT JUNIOR (Corinthian) Kilian Holzapfel 22 pts
7th   ITA 2121 MASCALZONE LATINO Vincenzo Onorato 23 pts
8th   GER 229 LA PERICOLOSA Christian Schwoerer 24 pts
9th   ITA 487 TORPYONE Edoardo Lupi 25 pts
10th   RUS 223 TAVATUY Pavel Kuznetsov 25 pts
11th   GER 193 WILMA Fritz Homann 29 pts
12th   ITA 173 SPIRIT OF NERINA Andrea Ferrari 31 pts
13th   TUR 159 EKER Ahmet Eker 31 pts
14th   ITA 186 CAIPIRINHA (Corinthian) Martin Reintjes 34 pts
15th   ITA 194 VITAMINA (Corinthian) Francesco Graziani 42 pts

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