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Melges 32 - As you were

After a prosperous first day of racing at Melges 32 World League European Division Porto Venere regatta, Day Two lacks enough breeze to race.

The second day in Porto Venere at the 2017 Melges 32 World League European Division resulted in no racing due to lack of breeze.

Therefore, overall results from Friday stand as is going into the final day of racing.

Matteo Balestrero at the helm of Giogi sits in first overall with a very confident five point lead, but that is not enough to seal any deal in the Melges 32 fleet.

All things can change so quickly in this highly competitive Class, especially considering that he is chased by two of the toughest teams racing the European Division in 2017 - Andrea Lacorte on Vitamina Amerikana and Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio on G-Spot.

They are seated second and third respectively with 15 points each.

Melges 32 - After Three Races

1.) Matteo Balestrero/Paolo Cian, Giogi; 2-7-1 = 10 pts
2.) Andrea Lacorte/Gabriele Benussi, Vitaminia Amerikana; 6-1-8 = 15 pts
3.) Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio/Branko Brcin, G-SPOT; 8-4-3 = 15 pts
4.) Edoardo Pavesio/Manuel Weiller Vidal, FRA MARTINA; 1-13-5 = 19 pts
5.) Claudia Rossi/Matteo Ivaldi, Pippa; 3-16/UFD-2 = 21 pts

Full results here

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