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Maxi Edmond De Rothschild is unveiled

After more than a year and a half of construction, the launch of this new Maxi Edmond de Rothschild is scheduled for July.

Maxi Edmond de Rothschild, a "giant" 32 meters long by 23 meters wide, is now in its last months of construction at the Multiplast yard in Vannes.

The latest Gitana design is paving the way forward for a new generation of large offshore multihulls. Indeed, it will be part Archimedean boat (submerged hull), part flying craft.

She will be equipped with the very latest architectural and technical advances in terms of appendages, with T-foil rudders and L-shaped foils, which are sure to set tongues wagging, though the Gitana Team does not intend to unveil them prior to the boat’s launch.

With everything geared towards flight, a great deal of care has gone into the aerodynamics of the platform. The forms of the beams in particular testify to this, as does the integration of the living space / cockpit between the two beams.

Christened Gitana 17, she has been devised, developed and built with the focus on solo sailing, though she will also be the ideal boat for crewed races as well as the major records.

Entrusted to the expert hands of Sébastien Josse, the skipper of the Edmond de Rothschild craft since 2011, the first official competition for the Maxi will take place this November for the famous double-handed transatlantic race, the Transat Jacques Vabre between Le Havre and Salvador de Bahia, in Brazil.

For this trial run, Sébastien Josse will be accompanied by the navigator Thomas Rouxel. Hailing from the Figaro network of excellence.

The Route du Rhum 2018 and a solo round the world in the autumn of 2019 will round off this programme, which is as thrilling as it is demanding.


Start of construction: October 2015
Launch: July 2017
20-month build
+ 170,000 man-hours, including 35,000 hours of studies
+ /- 40 people on average over 20 months

LOA: 32m
Beam: 23m
Weight (displacement): 15.5 tonnes
Air draught: 37m
Downwind sail area: 650m2
Upwind sail area: 450m2

Number: 6
Type: T-foil float rudders (2), L-shaped foils (2), daggerboard on the central hull (1), T-foil rudder on central hull (1)

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