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Finn format test - Is it fit for purpose?

Alican Kaynar, from Turkey and Deniss Karpak, from Estonia, go straight through to the Final on Saturday and can benefit from a day off on Friday.

In this new format, for the top five sailors, all the points they have amassed so far count for nothing more than a place in the Finals round.

The top two advance to the Final while the next three advance to the Semi-Final.

There, they will wait to meet the next five sailors after the last opening series race – the Semi-Final-Qualifier on Friday.

So the results after the first stage of eight Qualification races look this this:

Qualifiered for Final: TUR Alican Kaynar and EST Deniss Karpak

Qualifiers for Semi Final: SWE 33 Max Salaminen, CRO 52 Nenad Bugarin, NED 89 Nicholas Heiner

They will be joined by the top five sailors in the continuation of the opening series - the Semi-Final Qualifier race, of which the top 10 are shown below.

Top 10 attempting to reach the semi-final via the Semi-Final Qualifier

6th HUN 40 Zsombor BERECZ 51pts
7th ARG 48 Facundo OLEZZA 51pts
8th POL 17 Piotr KULA 57pts
9th FIN 218 Tapio NIRKKO 64pts
10th BRA 109 Jorge ZARIF 65pts
11th GBR 91 Ben CORNISH 91pts
12th CRO 1 Josip OLUJIC 94pts
13th NOR 1 Anders PEDERSEN 95pts
14th ESP 7 Alejandro MUSCAT 95pts
15th RUS 6 ARKADIY Kistanov 107 pts

Of the top 10, three sailors – Olezza, Kula and Zarif – are effectively qualified for the Semi-Final as long as they don’t get a DNE (of which the best way to do that is not to sail the race).

While Zsombor Berecz just needs a top 40 place to qualify for the Semi-Final, and Tapio Nirkko just needs a top 26 place to qualify. There is quite a points gap to the rest.

Ben Cornish is in 11th and the only British sailor with a realistic chance of reaching the Semi-final.

Cornish, “There's a very fine route for me into the top 10 Friday but the stars will need to align. I'll be looking to round my week off on a high.”

"I really disagree that a week of racing is decided in one race. Sure it gives some ‘excitement’ to the small audience who follow sailing but I fear we are taking away the key elements of our sport."

Friday’s racing will start with the Semi-Final Qualifier and then, later in the day, the Semi Final will be held. Just five boats will compete in Saturday's Final in a 'first across the line is the winner' format.

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