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Karpak continues to lead Finn at Palma

Denis Karpak continues to lead the Finn at Trofeo Princesa Sofia in Palma after two more races on Tuesday in slightly lighter conditions.

Dutchman, Nicholas Heiner is up to second while Race 4 winner Max Salminen, from Sweden, is now third.

The first race of the day was won by Hungarian, Zsombor Berecz, from Alessio Spadoni of Italy and Piotr Kula of Poland.

Max Salminen of Sweden, then won the second race from Alican Kaynar, of Turkey and Ondrej Teply, of the Czech Republic.

The big talking point at Palma is the new medal race formats.

Heiner remains to be convinced about the new Finn format being tested this week.

“We need to look at it at the end of the week, but my first impression is ‘What are we doing?’ Try to explain this to the sailors and we don’t really understand what we need to do."

"But so far we are just fleet racing and we’ll see at the end of the week what we think about it, but my first impression is very doubtful.”

Berecz added, “About the format I cannot answer now. If I’ll be in top three I will love it. But it opens up the game for sure.”

The opening series of the ‘game’ is now at its half-way stage. The goal here is not necessarily to win, but to survive to the later rounds.

Racing in the opening series continues until Thursday. The Semi-Final Qualifier will be held on Friday for everyone not already qualified for the Final or Semi-Final.

Then the eight-boat Semi-Final and the five-boat Final will complete the series, with the first across the finish line being the winner.

Finn - Leading Results after four races

1st EST 2 Deniss KARPAK 10 pts
2nd NED 89 Nicholas HEINER 15 pts
3rd SWE 33 Max SALMINEN 16 pts
4th TUR 21 Alican KAYNAR 18 pts
5th CRO 52 Nenad BUGARIN 18 pts
6th ESP 7 Alejandro MUSCAT 22 pts
7th BRA 109 Jorge ZARIF 24 pts
8th HUN 40 Zsombor BERECZ 25 pts
9th ARG 48 Facundo OLEZZA 25 pts
10th CZE 5 Ondrej TEPLY 26 pts
Best GBR - 12th Ben CORNISH

Full results here