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Princess Sofia Trophy - Deniss Karpak leads Finn event

Estonian Deniss Karpak was the most consistent sailor in the 57-boat Finn fleet with Nenad Bugarin from Croatia taking second and Brazilian, Jorge Zarif, third.

Karpak got away to the best start at with a 3, 2 scoreline, leaving him at the top of the fleet, on a day when many sailors picked up wildly different scores as the wind played tricks with the fleet in the second race.

A medium to strong 15-20 knots in first race rose to more than 20 knots between the races, before dropping from 15 down to 5 knots in the second race.

Karpak is one of eight sailors from the Rio Olympics competing this week.

He described the racing:

“It was a tough day, in Palma style. The first one was a regular hike/pump/right tactics race, where if you played well with the wind, hike as much as you can and pump like an animal - you win. I was not so good in all three steps, only in a few.”

“Alican and Berecz were the fastest in the fleet. Despite that, I was first after the first downwind, after passing five boats from the left side in more pressure.”

“The second race looked hard and unstable from the beginning, when 70 per cent of the fleet went straight to the left corner, where was more pressure. But, the big shift came from the right.”

On the right were Zarif, Mikael Hyryläinen from Finland, Karpak, and Bugarin. “We played this shift from the middle right position.”

“The downwind was hard with a dying breeze and big holes with no wind. Nenad managed an excellent beat at the right edge to gain his victory."

"The second upwind was a casino, where no one knew where to go. I went right with Zarif, while Nenad went left, and 75 per cent of the fleet followed me and Zarif.”

“But then the wind went left about 40 degrees and Nenad gained more. Some guys gained about 25-30 boats. One of them was Nicholas Heiner, who went from about 25th to third."

"Zarif and I were lucky to be far ahead and not to lose our positions. Then on the downwind with Oscar still up, Zarif got yellow flagged for pumping with his boom in the water. That’s why I was second and Heiner third.”

Turkey’s top Finn sailor, Alican Kaynar won the opening race of the day, but he could only follow that up with a 22nd in the tricky second race to sit in eighth overnight.

Fellow Olympian Zsombor Berecz, from Hungary, crossed second followed by Karpak, but failed to finish the second race. Heiner crossed in third.

Racing in the opening series continues until Thursday. The Semi-Final Qualifier will be held on Friday for everyone not already qualified for the Final or Semi-Final.

Then the eight-boat Semi-Final and the five-boat Final will complete the series, with the first across the finish line being the winner.

Leading Finn Results after two races

1st EST 2 Deniss KARPAK 5 pts
2nd CRO 52 Nenad BUGARIN 6 pts
3rd BRA 109 Jorge ZARIF 14 pts
4th ESP 7 Alejandro MUSCAT 16 pts
5th ARG 48 Facundo OLEZZA 16 pts
6th NED 89 Nicholas HEINER 20 pts
7th CRO 1 Josip OLUJIC 22 pts
8th TUR 21 Alican KAYNAR 23 pts
9th SWE 33 Max SALMINEN 23 pts
10th GBR 71 Henry WETHERELL 25 pts

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