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Charlie Dalin victor in Beneteau Figaro Normandie Solo

Charlie Dalin Skipper of MACIF 2015 was the winner of the Bénéteau Figaro 280-Mile-Solo-Regatta 'Normandie Solo'.

Dalin crossed the finisish line 13 minutes ahead of Nicolas Lunven on GENERALI. Sébastien Simon Brittany on CREDIT MUTUEL finished third!

Britain's Alan Roberts on Seacat Service was 11th and Hugh Brayshaw 16th, eight retired.

Bénéteau Figaro 280-Mile-Solo-Regatta 'Normandie Solo'

1: “Skipper Macif 2015” Dalin Charlie
2: “Generali” Lunven Nicolas
3: “Bretagne Credit Mutuel de Bretagne” Simon Sébastien
4: “Groupe Snef” Macaire Xavier
5: “Agir Recouvrement” Hardy Adrien
6: “Ovimpex – Secours Populaire” Marchand Anthony
7: “Queguiner Leucemie Espoir” Elies Yann
8: “Custo Pol” Loison Alexis
9: “Teamwork” Mettraux Justine
10: “Aragorn” Leboucher Pierre
11: “Seacat Services” Roberts Alan
12: “Czeching The Edge” Kolacek Milan
13: “Faun Environnement” Godart-Philippe Arnaud
14: “Porshe By Normandie Elite Team” Faguet Sophie
15: “Saferail” Cloarec Damien
16: “Oc 23” Brayshaw Hugh

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