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Offshore Racing proposed for Tokyo 2020

World Sailing has proposed two Showcase Events to be held alongside the Olympics for Tokyo 2020 - one kiteboarding and one offshore racing.12 Metre class raced in 1908 to 1920 Olympics -

Following an invitation by the International Olympic Committee to propose a new Showcase Event for Tokyo 2020, the World Sailing Council decided to present submissions to the IOC for two events.

World Sailing will send in its formal decision after a Council meeting scheduled for May 2017.

The Offshore and Oceanic Committee has proposed that the number of boats entered would be 18-20 and use a manufacturer supplied boat that is 9-12m in overall length.

There would be two crew on each boat, one man and one woman, for the three day race, specifically three days and two nights.

The Offshore Committee also debated whether the athletes should be from the pool of qualifiers from the existing classes or different sailors?

Show-case event competitors would not be counted from within the 380 sailing athlete quota.

If the offshore event was added as an 11th medal event it could use athletes already competing in the Games and thus give them the ability to sail for a second medal.

This of course means that no additional athletes are needed, and the ten other Olympic sailing events are unaffected.

This proposel appears to put Kiteboarding on the back-burner as a Tokyo medal event.

This will be discussed by World Sailing over the next few months.

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