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Flying 15 Worlds - Day 1 results surprise

Opening day for the Flying 15 World Championship in Napier, New Zealand. And first blood went to local crew Hayden Percy and Scott Pedersen sailing NZL 3091.

Day 1 of the championship started with very light airs and humid overcast skies, so the fleet were held ashore for a couple of hours in the hope that conditions would improve.

By early afternoon a light Easterly breeze built to allow the PRO to bang off two races back to back.

The first race saw Percy and Pedersen take an early lead which they held to finish ahead of Australia's Matthew Owen and Andrew Reed, who won the pre-worlds event.

Percy and Pedersen were sailing a 20+ year old silver classified boat.

In third were another Aussie pair, David Yu and Chris Nelson with fourth Britain's Greg Wells and Richard Rigg.

Fifth were Nick and Janet Jerwood of Australia and sixth Charles Apthorp and Alan Green of Britain.

In race 2 David Yu and Chris Nelson won ahead of Nick and Janet Jerwood, with Aaron
Goodmanson and Alister Rowlands of New Zealand third.

Fourth place went to Owen and Reed, with fifth Jeremy Davy and Martin Huett GBR, and sixth were race 1 winners Percy and Pedersen rounding off a great day for them.

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Overall (provisional) this puts David Yu and Chris Nelson AUS in the lead with 4 pts.

Second are Matthew Owen and Andrew Reed AUS with 6 pts and third Hayden Percy and Scott Pedersen NZL tied on 7 pts with Nick and Janet Jerwood AUS.

Best GBR are 5th Jeremy Davy and Martin Huett with 14 pts. David McKee and Mal Hartland 6th with 17 pts and Greg Wells and Richard Rigg 7th with 18 pts.

Lexus of Hawke's Bay Flying Fifteen World Championship after Race 2 (57 entries) Provisional

1st AUS Open Tuffan Up 3859 David Yu Chris Nelson 3.0 1.0 4 pts
2nd AUS Open Deffcon 1 3684 Matthew Owen / Andrew Reed 2.0 4.0 6 pts
3rd NZL Silver Fflorin 3091 Hayden Percy / Scott Pedersen 1.0 6.0 7pts
4th AUS Open Ineffable 3986 Nick Jerwood / Janet Jerwood 5.0 2.0 7 pts
5th GBR Open 3760 Jeremy Davy / Martin Huett 9.0 5.0 14 pts
6th GBR Open Fiery Chariot 4005 David McKee / Mal Hartland 7.0 10.0 17 pts
7th GBR3 Open Agatha 4030 Greg Wells / Richard Rigg 4.0 14.0 18 pts
8th NZL Open Ffortune 3739 Aaron Goodmanson / Alister Rowlands 18.0 3.0 21 pts
9th NZL Silver Femme Fatale 3092 Konrad Weaver / Simon Radford 12.0 13.0 25 pts
10th GBR Open 4021 Steve Goacher / Tim Harper 19.0 8.0 27 pts
11th AUS Open Lapse of Reality 3968 Peter Milne / Trevor Williams 25.0 7.0 32 pts
12th NZL Open Blowffish 3832 Craig Coulam / Adrienne Rekke 10.0 23.0 33 pts
13th AUS Open Where The Bloody Hell Are You? 3880 Craig Rainey / Ian Rainey 16.0 17.0 33 pts
14th GBR Open Freakin Fantabulous 4020 Graham Scroggie / Ben Scroggie 23.0 11.0 34 pts
15th NZL Open Thffseon 3571 Ian Morley / Simon Morley 20.0 16.0 39 pts

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