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Coleman accelerates for Vendee Globe finish on Friday

Conrad Colman is cracking along at 7 knots under jury rig towards the Vendee Globe finish at Les Sables. French skipper Romain Attanasio, took 15th place this Friday morning.Conrad Colman -

At 15:00 hrs UTC Friday the Kiwi sailor was 3 miles from the Vendee finish progressing at around 7 knots.

Romain Attanasio (Famille Mary-Etamine du Lys) has just passed the courageous, hard driving Kiwi who looks set to finish this afternoon.

Colman will be the first skipper in the history of the race to finish under such a jury rig.

Weds night the skipper of Foresight Natural Energy sent this message inspired by Homer.

“But I desire and I long every day to go home and to look upon the day of my return.... for already I have suffered and labored at so many things on the waves.” – Homer.

Spanish solo ocean racer Didac Costa crossed the finish line of the Vendée Globe in 15th place at 07:52hrs UTC this Thursday morning.

The tenacious, driven Costa has succeeded with one of the smallest budgets of the 29 skippers who started the race on November 6th.

Barcelona based Costa completes his second non stop round the world race within the space of three years, again racing the evergreen IMOCA 60 footer which was built in 2000 as Ellen MacArthur’s Kingfisher.

Finishing Positions at 15:00 hrs 24 Feb 2017

1st Armel Le Cléac’h on Banque Populaire - Finished 15:37 hrs UTC 19 Jan 2017
2nd Alex Thomson on Hugo Boss -Finished at 07:37 hrs UTC 20 Jan 2017
3rd Jeremie Beyou on Maitre Coq - Finished 19:40 hrs UTC 23 Jan 2017
4th Jean-Pierre Dick on StMichel-Virbac - Finished at 14:47 hrs UTC 25 Jan 2017
5th Yann Elies on Quigunnier - Finished at 16:13 hrs UTC 25 Jan 2017
6th Jean Le Cam on Finistere Mer Vent - Finished at 17:43 hrs UTC 25 Jan 2017
7th Louis Burton on Bureau Vallee - Fiished at 07:47 hrs UTC 2 Feb 2017
8th Nandor Fa on Spirit of Hungary - Finished at 11:54 hrs UTC 08 Feb 2017
9th Eric Bellion on Commeunseulhomme - Finished at 16:58 hrs UTC 13 Feb 2017
10th Arnaud Boissieres on La Mia Caline - Finished at 08:26 hrs UTC 17 Feb 2017
11th Fabrice Amedeo on Newrest-Matmut - Finished at 10:03 hrs UTC 18 Feb 2017
12th Alan Roura on La Fabrique - Finished at 09:12 hrs UTC 20 Feb 2017
13th Rich Wilson on Great American IV - Finished at 13:50 hrs UTC 21 Feb 2017
14th Didac Costa on One Planet One Ocean - Finished at 07:52 hrs UTC 23 Feb 2017
15th Romain Attanasio on Famille mary - Finished at 11:06 hrs UTC 24 Feb 2017
16th Conrad Coleman on Foresight Natural Energy - DTF 3 nm (Jury Rig)

Fleet spread is now 2,701 nm back to Sebastien Destremau in 18th.

Eleven have now retired from the race.

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