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29er Eurocup - Zampiccoli and Chiste take victory

Federico Zampiccoli and Leonardo Chiste of Italy regained the overall lead in the final four races to take victory in the 29er Eurocup at El Balis near Malaga, Spain.

Sailing with more wind and waves than the previous days the conditions favoured the Italian pair who finished with a 1,2,4,1 compared with the 4,6,1,UFD of the French.

The improved conditions were also more to the liking of the British competitiors with Nick Robins and Billy Vennis-Ozanne scoring a 19,4,5,3 for 12th and James Hammett and James Eales in 15th.

29er Eurocup #1 Final leaders (61 entries)

1st ITA 22 Federico Zampiccoli and Leonardo Chistè 14 pts
2nd FRA 11 Théo Revil and Gautier Guevel 19 pts
3rd ESP 2170 Pep Costa and Fran Núñez 43 pts
4th FRA 2361 Benjamin Jaffrezic and Léo Chauvel 57 pts
5th ITA 2322 Margherita Porro and Luca Fracassi 64 pts
7th ESP 2228 Tania Bonilla Sanchez and Nuria Miró Mezquita 69 pts
8th GER 2535 Paul Pietzcker and Emma Frederking 72 pts
9th FRA 2276 Maïwenn Jacquin and Enora Percheron 84 pts
10th ESP 2422 Albert Gelpí I Cornudella and Alexandre Boquet 89 pts
12th GBR 2304 Nick Robins and Billy Vennis-Ozanne 102 pts
15th GBR 2234 James Hammett and James Eales 126 pts
22nd GBR 2379 Hannah Bristow and Emily Covell 147 pts

420 - Eurocup #1 Final Leaders (25 entries)

1st ESP 56260 Marta Garrido Peña and Clara Llabrés Rival 20 pts
2nd ESP 53848 Lala Akrich and Cata Homar 20 pts
3rd ESP 55947 Maria Bover and Nacho Balaguer 23 pts

Full results here