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Party time for RORC Caribbean 600

It's a busy scene around the docks as crews prepare for the start of the RORC Caribbean 600 on Monday 20 February.Crew from Tulip show-off latest Caribbean offshore gear -

But on Saturday evening it was time to officially open the race and welcome everyone to Antigua for the 9th edition.

Skippers from the 80 boats attended a briefing at Antigua Yacht Club where RORC Racing Manager, Nick Elliott highlighted some key points for the race and a few administrative requirements before they head off.

It was standing room only for the 200 or so highly experienced skippers and navigators from the record fleet, but all were fully focused, listening attentively to the briefing for the 600-mile offshore race.

Following the briefing, race crews and guests were welcomed to the official opening at Antigua Yacht Club which was packed to capacity.

Start: Monday 20th February -10:50 (First warning signal)

Fort Charlotte, Antigua will be the starting and finishing point for this sensational 600 mile non-stop yacht race around 11 Caribbean Islands.

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