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World Sailing, IKA and GKA sign peace agreement

World Sailing has signed a landmark agreement with the IKA and GKA to unite the kiteboarding community and provide clarity of kiteboarding's governance structure.

World Sailing, the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) and the Global Kitesports Association (GKA) will work together and fully co-operate to actively promote the united disciplines of Kiteboarding under World Sailings umbrella, avoid calendar conflicts and further develop the various disciplines within World Sailing.

Under the new agreement, the GKA has the right to run expression events at a World Level for Wave, Strapless Freestyle, Big Air (Twin Tip), Freestyle (Twin Tip) and Slider / Obstacle and the IKA will continue to be responsible for the racing disciplines.

The GKA shall be responsible for the development of pathways for expression events but shall work exclusively with the IKA and its national kiteboarding associations.

The parties will work together exclusively on expression events below World Level and development of event officials.

Dr. J├Ârgen Vogt, Secretary General of the GKA said, "The contract will finally give peace to the sport and it is the base for a prosperous development of the sport."

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