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VOR70 Mirpuri Foundation arrives in Barbados

The VOR70 Mirpuri Foundation (formally Green Dragon) arrived off Barbados at 06:00 local time Sunday.

Mirpuri Foundation, helmed by Skipper Paulo Mirpuri, arrived off Bridgetown as dawn broke over Barbados, Sunday morning.

Paulo Mirpuri of the Mirpuri Foundation confirmed that this first ocean crossing served as a launching base for the participation of a Portuguese crew in the Volvo Ocean Race 2020.

These selected sailors will be the ambassadors of the Mirpuri Foundation, bringing the message "for a better world" to the four corners of the world.

What was suprising was his statement at the press conference later, that it would most likely be an all female crew.

He also said that the crew would be named by the end of June, and that he would like the 11 woman crew to comprise of at least nine Portuguese and two of other nationalities.

Paulo Mirpuri is continuing descussions with the Volvo Race organisation

Paulo Mirpuri - Click image for a larger image

"My debut on an ocean crossing taught me a lot, especially the importance of the spirit and union of the crew on board and also how the ocean shows us the need to be patient."

"Now I know exactly how to select the Portuguese sailors for the future Mirpuri Foundation team in the Volvo Ocean Race 2020 and I will personally participate in the selection process of the men's and women's teams that we intend to form, so we can decide the final crew. " he said.

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This initial voyage signals the start of Paulo Mirpuri's ambitious sailing project to sponsor a Portuguese team in the 2020 Volvo Ocean Race.

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