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Melges 20 World League racing schedule

More than 100 teams are expected to participate in the Melges 20 World League, this new competition includes North American, European and Asian Divisions.

The Melges 20 World League will culminate at the 2017 World Championship in Newport, RI on October 2-7 hosted by the New York Yacht Club.

The Melges 20 World League kicks off on February 3-5 at one of the greatest sailing destinations around the globe - Biscayne Bay for round two of the 2016/17 Miami Winter Series.

Teams attending will definitely get a jump start on the standings, but as the summer heats up, the European and Asian Divisions will look to close the gap.

"The goal of the Melges World League is to unite teams around the globe and provide another layer of world-class competition for Melges sailors," said Harry Melges, CEO of Melges Performance Sailboats.

"The new format organizes regattas under one single circuit with aligned scoring and management, giving boat owners confidence that they will have the best racing experience at each regatta in the Melges 20 Class."


North American Division

- 2016/17 Miami Winter Series Event No. 2/Winter Regatta - Miami, FL (February 3-5)
- 2016/17 Miami Winter Series Event No. 3/Melges Rocks Regatta - Miami, FL (March 3-5)
- Sail Newport Regatta - Newport, RI (July 7-9)
- U.S. National Championship - Newport RI (August 17-19)
- 2017/18 Miami Winter Series Event No. 1 - Miami, FL (December 8-10)

European Division

- European Event No. 1 - Porto Venere, Italy (April 7-9)
- European Event No. 2 - Scarlino, Italy (May 12-14)
- European Event No. 3 - Zadar, Croatia (June 9-11)
- European Event No. 4/European Championship - Sibenik, Croatia (July 12-15)
- European Event No. 5/Russian Championship - Lake Garda, Italy (September 1-3)

Asian Division

- Nippon Cup Hayama Spring Series - Hayama, Japan (April 22-23)
- Melges Spring Regatta - Akiya, Japan (May 20-21)
- Melges Summer Regatta - Akiya, Japan (July 22-23)
- Nippon Cup Hayama Autumn Series - Hayama, Japan (October 21-22)
- Japan Melges Race Week - Zushi, Japan (November 2-7)

World League

- 2017 World Championship - Newport, RI (October 2-7)

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